Irony in life…

Funny story, least to me. Really shouldn’t post this on the grounds it may incriminate me later, but it made me giggle a little – which actually surprised me. I take it as a sign that hopefully I’m getting to a better place in dealing with some old baggage.

I’ll set-up the scene for you a little. I recently found on my Church’s website that I can listen to past “Celebration Services”  online.  I was happy to find this because I’m finding that the extra encouragement helps my day. So I’ve started listening to them while I work, which funny enough, has an added bonus of helping me focus and get things done.  

So I’m listening to one this morning, and the speaker in this one says a quote that I instantly think.. I need to write that one down because it struck me as an interesting view. His quote was “An Excuse is a reason.. stuffed with a lie” as soon as he finishes uttering the quote, my phone rings, so I pause the message, and answer my phone.

It’s my Mother.. And she’s calling me to say that they most likely won’t make the “Ground Blessing” for the house, because they are going to be at the County Fair. They will most likely be helping take things down that day… lol.

I told her it was fine, as honestly – I really didn’t think they would come anyway, as the relationship there has been a very stressed one for many years.

Now in all fairness, I’m sure they are probably helping take down the fair that day, but the timing was so perfect, and really made me laugh when I got off of the phone.

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