Trip to the Coast!

Friday morning we took the kids to the beach. Deon had promised them we would go this summer, and since the summer is winding down, and we will be working on the house this Labor Day weekend, we figured we had better take them. Here is some pictures! They had a blast. This was Kylan’s very first trip to the coast.

Kylan, Shelsea & Haiden
Kylan, Shelsea & Haiden
Kylan & Mommy
Kylan & Mommy
Haiden, Kylan, Shelsea & Deon feeding the birds
Haiden, Kylan, Shelsea & Deon feeding the birds
Shelsea & Haiden walking out to the waves
Shelsea & Haiden walking out to the waves

There is something so calming about the waves coming in and out at the beach, but alas we still had things to do at home. We got home that afternoon, and finished getting things ready for school. Had a few things we had missed, but they are ready now.

Anxious to work on the house tomorrow.

Back to School! Yay!… I think.. >.>

This past week, we have been gearing up for school. The hustle and bustle now over after a shopping trip with my friends Mom here,  a few separate occasions of whole family excusions to the store, an appreciated church back-to-school event, and a sale at my sister’s place of employment which produced a grocery sized plastic bag full of cheap (in price not quality) kids socks … and I think they are finally all set.  

Clothes, supplies, backpacks all acquired for all three of them. That’s right.. all three.. even my baby, who in all honesty isn’t a baby anymore. Kylan is now 5 yrs old and will be starting Kindergarten this year.  He’s growing so fast! they all are, and it makes me worry. 

I have really been thinking alot about how much I want to give to my children. Not material things mind you. Never been a huge fan of material “stuff”.  I’m talking about imparting wisdom, (or at least what little I have in that area) to them. While I know that God is very forgiving, it is becoming a recurrent thought in my head that I really only have this one chance. You only get to live life once (unless you believe in reincarnation I suppose, but even then, you start all over with out the benefit of remembered experiences.. I think anyway.. I’m really not up to date on the subject )

I have one chance to assure them and the rest of my family that I love them.  One chance to give them any small benefit that I can offer them, and attempt to do it in a way that doesn’t drive them crazy, or worse – away. My kids are still pretty young, all under 10, so I think I have a little time before craziness ensues.. but not much.. Hormones are already hitting my 10 year.

There are so many things I want to teach them.

  •  I want for them to understand their own worth, and for them to not be like me, and not to – for any amount of time – base their value purely off of what others think, or even worse.. what you surmise that others think, or be looking for constant validation. (I’ve battled with that, and it is miserable!)
  • I want to teach them to be go getter’s, to work hard and deligent for what they want, because there is no sweeter victory than when you win or accomplish something that you totally deserve. Getting things the easy way may seem like the life, but while you may enjoy whatever it is for a short time, you will never feel that rush, or really appreciate what you have received.
  • I want for them to never have to feel regret because they didn’t strive to reach their goals. I hope they won’t be “afraid” of what they could accomplish. (as long as it is for the good of all)
  • I want them to have confidence in themselves, and be comfortable that their intentions are honorable and their decisions are right, and to have a clear conscious.
  • I want them to understand quickly the importance of helping others. Life is all about sharing and giving. To have the mentality that they can make a difference in this world, and that things can be better if we roll up our sleeves and make them that way…
  • I want them to understand that while I know there are going to be decisions they make that I won’t be a fan of, that I will always believe in them, and will always still love them. That their worth to me is not now, nor ever will be tied to “what they can do for me”

All those things and so much more! I wish I could have been home with them more this summer.. heck I wish I could have been home with them period – and have made them be what I could pour all my attention into (aside from my relationship with my husband and my God that is). But that is a rare occurrence these days. We need to be a two income family, and job issues and unwanted health problems as well as bills and other everyday things steal part of the attention I’d rather spend on devoting to the developement of my kids. Hopefully they will understand at some point.

Honestly though, my mother was stay-at-home, and it didn’t end up improving our relationship any, and I wasn’t a rebel by any means. So its back to recognizing quality over quantity and identifying those pinnacle moments when they are receptive to ideas and any messages of hope I can offer them, any words of wisdom, or at least experience from some of my less-intelligent decisions.

I just love them so much!

Check it out – Presidential Saddleback Forum

Aside from all the stupid tit-for-tat political garbage that goes on in the media, half-truths being spread and other waste of time junk, e-mail garbage.
This link has some of the more interesting clips (least to me) where you hear from the sources themselves – not their constituents or their publicists.
In encourage you all  to take a look and get a real feel for the presidential candidates

Come On!

Earlier this year I posted This about people and their crazy e-mail forwards.

Crazy strikes again! I received another such e-mail this morning. How can people really read some of that smut, and take it seriously enough to forward on to others? Why pass on disrespectful statements and encourage discord among your fellow man? Where is the character? the integrity?

It really frustrates me how closed minded people can be. How they revel in drama and get some kind of perverted sense of self righteousness out of spreading rumor, and half-facts.  Perpetuating this resolute habit of blaming or making fun of other races, religions, nationalities, political parties, disabilities etc, then in this e-mail in particular (which I definately won’t repost or forward) the next lines claim to be not discriminate, and recite bible verses and claim to be “religious” (which if you read this past post, you’d understand my outlook on that word anyway)

The author of this “junk” is missing the boat entirely!  It is frustrating to know first off, that people are so quick to judge, and second that there are tons of people being given the total wrong idea of what it means to be a Christian, because their only interactions with “Christians” have been with these holier-than-thou, judgmental beings who constantly claim “Christian” status, but whose actions display the exact opposite.  

Simple truths –

Jesus was humble, Jesus didn’t discriminate.. remember he was the one that hung out with sinners and those of “questionable” reputation.  Jesus lived to teach and help by serving others. His goal was to bring people together, not split them apart.  

“Christians” get a bad rap because of the crazy extremists that use it to define their bad behaivor. Its really ludicrus.  “The Crusades” weren’t really inspired by God, but instead by man’s greed and wish for dominance over a land. Important figures of the time used God as an excuse for their personal agendas. The Pope of the time telling them that anyone who died in battle would automatically go to heaven? I mean really – how would that even make sense?

Wow.. this post got way off its original track! I apologize…

In short was just frustrated over yet another e-mail spreading hate, and discriminatory messages, with little or no thought from the sender…they’re just forwarding it on… ><

My response to the sender:

“Our problems don’t stem from only a certain political party, or a certain race, or a certain religion, or nationality. Did you pick to whom you were born, or in which country, which social class or tax bracket? Its time that people stop laying blame, and recognize their individual part in the problem. Hate breeds hate, and doesn’t fix any problems by spreading it, only creates more.

It’s easy to complain… the world is full of people willing to whine about whats wrong, when what is actually needed is for people to take action in resolving the problem. No one is perfect, and no group should be judged as a whole by the actions of a few.”

On a happy note.. Happy 21st birthday to my baby sister!

New Favorite Quote!

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

~ Leo F. Buscaglia

This is so true. How often have you had a day were things just weren’t going the way you thought they should, and some small thing was notable enough to just make you feel better?

I think far to often, we feel helpless when we plain don’t have to be. Just because we may not be able to “fix” an entire situation, doesn’t mean that the small things aren’t important, and really little things add up! Sometime its the small things that help people to take a moment to find that second wind, and continue on. So Smile! You may be saving a life!

In finding the above, I found a few more from the same gentleman….

“There are two big forces at work, external and internal. We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness and pain. What really matters is the internal force. How do I respond to those disasters? Over that I have complete control. “

“Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love. “

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time. “

“If we wish to free ourselves from enslavement, we must choose freedom and the responsibility this entails.”

“Don’t smother each other. No one can grow in the shade.”

“I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate — it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn. “

“Change is the end result of all true learning. Change involves three things: First, a dissatisfaction with self — a felt void or need; second, a decision to change to fill the void or need; and third, a conscious dedication to the process of growth and change — the willful act of making the change, doing something”

And throwing this in here just for fun:

Homeowners insurance!

A while back, I had taken one of the Habitat classes that spoke on the importance of having homeowners insurance. This past week, unfortunately I have seen through another’s experience how true it is. This past Saturday, while we were out working on the Habitat Houses, my boss’s neighbor’s house caught fire, and then so did my boss’s house. No one was home in either house at the time, and no one was hurt thank goodness. Luckily they both had insurance, so they will be able to rebuild, but its going to be a big adjustment in the meantime. My boss’s neighbor have three little ones, all under the age of 7 and are staying with friends and family right now, as is my boss.  So as it turns out, My boss and I both will be building houses at the same time..


I drove past our worksite last night after work, and got a couple pictures. They have been working on the subfloor, and looks like they made alot of progress since Saturday when I was out there last.

Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008

To Appointment? or Not To Appointment? .. that is the question

I called my Neurologist this morning as I was scheduled to have an appointment tomorrow to follow-up with them on a test I he wanted me to take.

At the last appointment,  I had candidly mentioned that we were avoiding bread at my house as my son’s doctor thought that part of his psoriasis was caused by an allergic reaction, and then made the observation that at that point I had noticed physically feeling better when I avoided it as well.  So the Neurologist wanted me to take this test to see if I had “bread” allergy. I had asked him at the time, if it was necessary if I was going to be not eating it either way. He still thought I should have the test done. Because then “We’d know for sure” if I was allergic.  I asked if my insurance would cover it, (because there have been a few things now that they didn’t) and he said I’d have to call and find out. In calling the insurance, I found that they only would cover a portion, and since I’m still trying to pay off earlier things, I decided this didn’t seem like something that “had” to be done right now, if at all. So I decided not to schedule the test.

I called this morning to figure out if I actually needed to come in to follow-up on my MS in general, or if the only reason was to go over the results of this test I didn’t take? My call to leave a voice mail with the nurse, accidently got hung up on, so I waited 30 minutes and called back. The second call, I was able to talk to the nurse who said she pulled my file, but then said she needed to put me on hold as she had to help a patient. … my call then got dropped again.  So I waited 20 minutes this time before I called back.

This time I told the receptionist that I thought it might be a good idea to cancel the appointment for now, and I’d schedule a follow-up a bit later. She told me that the nurse was standing behind her, and that she wanted to talk to me.

The nurse gets on the phone, and I tell her that since I hadn’t taken the “bread” allergy test, then I was thinking that I might just cancel the appointment for today and reschedule something later.

She asked me: “Aren’t you still worried you might have MS?”

to which I responded “No, because the doctor already told me I have MS”

So then the nurse said: “But you really should come in and talk to the Doctor about medicines you could use to treat your MS”

I told her “I’ve been on Copaxone since April”

“Oh,” she says

“What is the normal time period for regular follow-ups if you aren’t actively having a problem?, I’ve actually been feeling decent a good portion of the time lately.” I asked

“You know that is how the disease works right? You will feel ok, then bad, then ok, then bad again?” she asked.

“Yep, I know” I answered.

“In that case you just want to make sure you have a follow-up with the Doctor once a year” she said.

“OK, Thank you” I responded.

In fairness, it was all information that I’m sure is important to convey to a newly diagnosed patient… however,  It left me feeling uneasy about how much attention they actually give when looking over someones chart to have the nurse give advise.  Or even worse.. How updated my chart really is? I have an image in my head of a file with my picture, my name, and “MS” stamped in bold letters across the top.. I know that sounds silly, especially since I know they never took a picture of me.. lol..  but seriously..  you’d think it would include the information of what I had, and what medicines I was on. Its not like it was just last week or something..

 They Diagnosed me with having MS in March of this year, and started me on Copaxone the beginning of April.  My last appointment with them was in May, and we fully discussed that I was taking the Copaxone shots daily. .. or pretty close to  anyway (because I had missed a few days).

Just makes me wonder if at some point I had a bad reaction to the Copaxone, How quickly would the hospital be able to figure it out that was the problem?

Kids pics from Brenda’s Wedding

Went to a old friend of my husbands family’s wedding. Got some cute shots of the kids … Our three & Morgan & Zoe

Deon and “Matchstick” aka Zoe

Since it was a wedding- here is the shots I got of the actual event.. putting this one up here mostly because I’m proud of how the shot below turned out…

Aw.. so cute! – My little sis (and zoo & habitat update)

My sister’s so cute with her itty-bitty baby belly! Here is a picture I got of her yesterday. My Niece or Nephew is due January 12th!

Muriel @ 4mos along
Muriel @ 4mos along

Yesterday we surprised the kids by taking them to the zoo. They had a great time.

~Habitat Update ~

Deon and his Father worked on both Cami & Allison’s Habitat Houses, while his Mom & I worked at the Restore. It was fun. Here is a picture of Cami & Allison’s House in progress. This picture is two houses that share a common wall, similar to what ours will be – only our common wall is actually the garages instead of the main part of the house.

On our lot they did get the foundation put in! Below is the picture of the beginnings of our home. 🙂