Quote of my day….

Every once in awhile, you hear a phrase or a quote that will just really hit home. One year a few years back, it was my New Years Resolution to everyday write down a good meaningful quote, with the idea that at the end of the year, I’d have written documentaion of a years worth of wisdom. As with many New Years resolutions, it didn’t quite end up happening.

Quotes are such fun things though. You never know when all the sudden, one will apply more to you then it had in the past. Its something that you may have heard, or seen a thousand times in the past, but it isn’t until your heart and mind are in the right place, that  it all the sudden means so much more and makes so much more sense.

Have you ever told someone something only to have them say “You silly, I’m the one that told you that/about that a while back”. Lessons and Ideas can be covered over and over again, but until we are at a place where our hearts and minds are ready to listen, it will not be learned. The whole cannot teach a horse to drink adage, but its so true… but I digress…

This particular entry is all because I heard (or re-heard) a quote today that for whatever reason, really mades extra sense to me today, and I wanted to share.. lol

So my thought for the day is…. (*drumroll*)

“Nothing that matters is ever easy”