4th of July fun

It is against the park regulations where we live to do fireworks, so for the last 4 years we have gone to the firework show at the Middle school in town. To get a good spot there, we have always staked out our area around 4 pm and been there till the fireworks start around 10 pm. This year we weren’t up to being out there that long. I’ve been really tired, and my MS has been acting up in my left arm.  Deon’s parents were still recovering from their recent vacation, and the rest of the group that we usually sit with in that area were sick and not feeling good as well, so we decided to make it simple.

We went into town and let the kids pick out a few fireworks, and decided to let them off in a nearby parking lot.

This was something Deon has missed the last 4 years, because he likes to put on Firework shows, and even organizes things out so that he has a “Grand Finale” of something a little bigger at the end.

When we had first gotten together, this was something that he planned out and did for his parents each year, until the park rules changed. It was fun for him to be able to do it again, and it allowed us not to have to be out until 1 am as in past years.

Morgan & Zoe joined our kids for the show, and  I think they all had a blast.

Shelsea, Zoe, Kylan, Morgan & Haiden

Morgan, Shelsea, Zoe, Haiden & Kylan – enjoying the show.