A thought on things “deserved”

I just wonder sometimes how many of us would actually be willing to give up the blessings and bright aspects we’ve received in our own lives in the interest of making this world a more “fair” place.

We seem to clamor for that especially when we feel someone is particularly undeserving of something. Often deciding that those that have had a harder time, haven’t tried hard enough or obviously somehow “deserve” less than we do.

The fact is that regardless of our own ability to admit it, we’ve all been blessed a time or two where it could honestly be argued that we didn’t “deserve” whatever opportunity or aspect life gave us.

Perhaps before we judge or decide so quickly for others (especially those we’ve not bothered getting to know), what they do, or don’t “deserve” we should consider that that might not be the right question to ask, nor the right focus. Maybe the right question to ask, is how moral are we as individuals, and how moral and civilized and giving we want our neighbors to have the opportunity to be.

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