A night of my own?

My sister’s mother-in-law invited the kids to come spend the night tonight. The kids were very excited, you’d think they were leaving for camp or something.. lol. We got them all packed and dropped them off this morning and went on to work as usual.  However, now it now occurs to me that I have before me one of those very rare occasions, that maybe has happened twice in the past 11 years. (This being #2).

I have a night of my own.  My husband Deon will be at work, and kids will all be  “camping” lol.

So it brings to mind a good question.. What should I do? There won’t be any poignant conversations on dinner choices, no breaking up small arguments, no watching kid movies, video games,  or listening to the kid’s songs.

Surely I shouldn’t waste this opportunity. It seems like I should do something spectacular, but maybe even just even being able to enjoy the peace and quiet will be enough of a treat. To stay in or go out? That is the question.  Most likely I’ll be home and read my new book I bought. Hey! I could scrapbook!… Ohh the possibilities are endless.. (well not endless, but you understand.. lol)