The Resources you use…

The resources you rely on speak greatly of your character and constitution. The reality is that the weak and afraid rely on walls and fortresses… while the brave and empowered strive instead to build bridges.

Its wisdom that is required to understand that you can’t hide forever, and if your desire is something better, communication is the key… segregation roots you in the past and is never progress, rather just an instance of simple cowardice.

The truth is that the more you open your mind and conversations to the experiences of others, the more you realize that there is far more than just one way of viewing this world, and far more you have in common with others even in totally different shoes and circumstances.

Reliance on fear is really just the “easy” way out, because once you realize that people are really people, and not simple monsters and backdrops to your story.. you begin to awaken to the reality of actually thinking over your own actions towards others… and you begin to be worth actually working with.

Update: 9/5/16

Update: MS flare moved on to attacking my right side and making things difficult being my dominant side. Ended up going to the ER last night at Newberg’s Hospital as the affected area seemed to be spreading and it scared me a bit. They really are great there. Having to take steroids for a few days, but overall was relieved to find that everything else was ok..just my system may need some assistance with this flare ups inflammation. Stress has been pretty high lately and so I can’t really be too surprised I guess for a bigger attack like this. Just something I’ll have to get through, and work to better process those stressful aspects.

Honestly too it was nice to hear from the attending Dr there that it is becoming more medically accepted now through actual research that the Paleo-like diet like what I’ve been on for 8+ years is being admitted to actually being helpful for MS patients. When I had researched it originally years ago, most would scoff at it rather than think someone could do what they could with lifestyle changes to try and diminish instances of extra inflammation in their bodies.

A look at anger….

There is a Buddist parable that basically says… If I buy you a gift, and you don’t accept it, who does it belong to? It ends up with the person who gave it right? The same can be said of anger. If you react in anger towards me, and I don’t accept it, then it goes back to you. If I don’t take on your anger… then the only person it really hurts is the one that initiated it.

Interesting how very often, the same that spout their hatred of “political correctness” also can’t really seem to handle a difference of opinion and view it as a personal attack rather than an opportunity to see something from a different point of view. Oh how we’ve been coddled in self-indulging individualism.


Life strives in all areas to teach us moderation. Listening to your heart may seem the way to go, but ignoring your inner advisor.. your head – never brings balance in the end. Strive to use both always. One without the other is not reliable. Please remember that.

Dear Human kind,

Dear Human Kind,
Hi there, hope you are doing well. I’d like to make a small humble request. I’d really love for there to be a respite from all the anger, hate, and violence. I think we all could use the break. It would be so cool for us to move forward as a species…. instead of backwards. Instead of holding on to old grudges, biases, and old mentalities, and instead of limiting ourselves to believing there would only be “one right way” of doing things. I wish we could be far less simple minded.

What if we faithfully accepted that we don’t actually have to prove our worth (nor should we require it from others).What if we understood that our humanity is worth enough… when we actually use it.

What if we understood that the truth is, that we don’t really need to get caught up in being “better” or “worth” more than other humans at all… because improving ourselves doesn’t actually ever require having any other person to consider “inferior”.

What if we more correctly adhered to the simple idea of encouraging people to focus far more on “proving” our own “character” instead? What if we actually accepted what we’ve been taught from a young age… to not judge a book by its cover… nor a person by their position. That our actions speak louder than words, and that when we build up those around us, it actually improves the chances for a healthier whole.

Imagine the amount of peace that could come into our day to day lives at simply not being so overly opinionated about others lives and what others “should do” or should “believe in”. What if we didn’t all have to be the same to be accepted?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get over the egos of so quickly choosing hate or negative thoughts whenever presented with something we don’t understand, or appreciate.

Human kind…take a breather. Is actually ok to not already have an opinion on subjects you don’t know much about. You aren’t required to have a “stand” on every single issue. Its ok to admit you might need to research a little about something (before you present an opinion). Its ok to not know the answer. Emotion doesn’t always equal truth. Your “side” is not always “in the right”.

Mostly, I’m tired.. just as I know that many of us are. Simply it would just be amazing to have some good news to share.. some kind of hope that we finally understand that we are one people… that we could be unified in – at the very least – believing in the possibility of a better tomorrow. In believing that human kind can be far more than it is now… and that we are capable.

Thanks for the chat…


Simple question

Just a simple question.

Do you honestly believe it is ever acceptable to blanket hate an entire group of people based on their label of race/religion/orientation/nationality/etc?

If you’ve somehow managed to come up with an answer of “Yes”, then you have now justified the attitudes of the same terrorists you are so painfully afraid of.. You’ve placed yourself in that same mentality.

Its that simple. No change will happen until we have people grow to the point where they understand that you can’t just simply hate a group of people on one aspect. Lets be concise and truthful, its not the group you hate, its the murderous actions. Call it what it is. Stop trying to make it be something its not.

You can’t fix a problem by not identifying it correctly.

30% thoughts

Thoughts of the day….

If I were to flip a coin, I’d have a 50% chance of possibly getting a “better” decision made for me.

If I decided to only use 30% of my mental capacity in making decisions, how often do you think that choice picked would have ended up being the better choice? Something I would have come up with had I really put forth the effort to think out and care about the choice being made?

If you are grading someone’s effort, than 30% is failing grade.  It generally means that it wasn’t “important” enough for them to give more of their attention.

In the 2013 Primaries, our national average of voter turnout was 30.14%*. Roughly 30% of America’s mental capacity was used to choose our presidential candidates this year.

Maybe its just me, but I find this really frustrating. Less than 1/3 found it important enough to be bothered with to participate. Apathy is a continued problem in America. I think when you get too comfortable, and too used to leaving decisions to someone else, its  a real problem.

There is no shortage of bellyaching, or amazement over how we’ve gotten here, but pure and simple I think its rather obvious. For the most part we  ‘Merica’ don’t seem to “care enough” to pitch in and be involved. We’re become passive in just being comfortable that someone else will handle things, or make the decisions in our best interest.

When did we become so entitled that we stopped understanding that our actions (as well as inaction) has consequences.

If we can’t be bothered to effectively come up with ideas on improving the lives of our community members (which includes us)… if we can’t be bothered enough to even lightly research topics or candidates being brought up for our votes.. that honestly is apathy that is out of control.