Not what I expected..

I had a situation come up, where I was basically asking someone I consider a friend for a favor of understanding. I needed to pay some attention this year to a piece of my life that has been difficult to In asking of that favor, I tried to convey that there was something weighing heavy on my heart, that I needed to take care of with someone else before I plain lost my opportunity. A ditch effort if you will to hopefully mend something that has been strained for some time. I needed to deviate from our normal plans, and take some time out to address this known issue I’ve struggled with for quite some time.

What I had expected was the same care and support that was usually came from this individual. We’ve been there for each other through a lot of life challenges over the last 16 years. Some hers, some mine but I thought that we always had the basic understanding that we could rely on each other in a pinch.

What I got instead was a message back that I’d broken her heart. Despite my explaining the situation, They instead decided to focus on how this known struggle I was wanting to take an opportunity to work on, may be perfectly fine, however she went on to explain that she viewed it as just an excuse to not have to go visit her. Long slew of information on how I my desire to allow healing in another relationship, inconvenienced her and her family. How disappointed they would be, how I “never” actually liked going up to their place (despite that for the last 6 years, we’ve been at their place, and in total we’d spent the last 16 years hanging with them on Christmas.)

Isn’t it ironic how easily feelings can be hurt when we focus on ourselves?

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