“Yay” isn’t exactly fitting

I received a call from my son this morning because he is wanting the office to allow him to take some advil. I caution him that he shouldn’t take it too often, and ask him if he is just sore from being tackled in class the other day.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he got punched in the chest… “but its ok Mom”, he says “I used the tactic you told me to make him stop and he did.” …… um.. what do you say to that? .. “Yay” just doesn’t seem quite fitting. I know teachers can’t be everywhere, and see everything, but its frustrating that this happens to any kid. I guess I’m glad he’s starting to stand up for himself, and that he was able to deal with it on his own and the kid stopped, but geeze.

It’s so frustrating, I don’t remember middle school being my favorite time, but I never had to deal with some of the crap that my kids are having too. Uncharted ground for sure… Very frustrating!

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