Happy ….

There is no big news, no stroke of luck to report, or anything of that nature. Yet, I have a sense of well-being today that I haven’t felt in quite a while. Its a refreshing breath of fresh air. Its as if I found a day of budding spring during the onset of winter.

I just feel happy and full of appreciation. Do you know of which I speak? Those Absolutely small God inspired moments of enlightenment, when you can understand that things aren’t always as they seem, and that it can be a good thing. When we can push past our own generalizations and remember that we are all here together, whither we agree on the small details or not, is really of little consequence, and that in truth showing Love is at the center of what we as humans were meant for. Its a joy of the soul that I haven’t experienced in a while. I won’t lie, its been a difficult year on a few levels. I’ve found myself often this past year just wondering how I was going to continue…. but today… today, I have this soul joy, this inner peace that seems to be whispering to me… “shh child, it really will be ok.”

My realization of the day: If you can put all your focus on loving ways, healing will come when and where its needed. I may not always recognize it, and in fact, like many, I may even at times curse its coming because its shrouded in my limited perception of how “things should be” At first glance, it appears to be an abomination that threatens the very ground I stand on.

However maybe, just maybe… this is the whole point. Maybe it comes to us in this veil in order to shake us back to reality and put priorities where they belong, because quiet pleas for change have fallen on our deaf ears. We get too comfortable in our place, and forget that life should always be considered a constant progression.

We stamp our feet in defiance, even going as far as to call on the words of a higher power sometimes twisting its context in order to prove that we are in the right. To fight back any change, to lay claim to a sense of superiority over those who disagree.

Have you ever heard the saying “The Devil’s in the details”… I kind of believe this to be true. It’s small “details” that we consistently use to separate ourselves out, to label “our kind” of people as opposed to “their kind” of people. Details just serve to distract us from the greater truth, that we are all here together, all part of a bigger picture, our destinies intertwined despite our differences. Reality knows that it takes people from all walks of life and all backgrounds in order to make this world we live in a better place overall.

Truth – there is no earthly perfection. We all have jagged edges, worn and chipped away by time and hurtful experiences. We all live with our own variant belief system that rarely matches dot for dot the labels we have chosen to apply to ourselves. We all have notions that are bred out of misunderstanding and ignorance whither we come to accept that thought or not.

We spend so much time searching… analyzing the shape of our being, and formulating what “special” group we actually match up with… that we somehow forget we are part of the biggest most influential group there is… humanity.

It seems that only when we give more of our power to loving ways – that needed ties are often placed in positions that will make them stronger, while weaker ones will be released to fall away in a more healthful manner.

Integrity in reporting

News programs are hazardous to my health.. I’m being totally serious. I find that watching them fills me with anger, not even always at the negative stories we are inundated with, but often with the generally katty personalities that report it.

Genuine or not at all..that is what I desire most. I don’t like the drama and the hype that is attached to seemingly every single story. Just the facts Madame.. Just the facts.. that is all I want. I don’t want water cooler gossip, or even to hear what your personal take is on the story. The first thing I want to hear is the facts of the story.. not your perception of them. I would like to be given the courtesy of being allowed to think for myself. I would like to be presented facts on both sides of the story.

I am an adult.. I’d like to be treated like one by the media.

If you garner any personal pleasure at another groups misfortune and relay it in your presentation.. you are tainted and should be fired.