a reflection?

Is a child really the reflection of the father?

I think as humans we get a little indolent in our thinking. We quickly take what we are told, or what is reported and internalize it without thinking it through  (dangerous now days, when drama and money rule over intelligent  and compassionate reporting).   Once we internalize it, it infuses with our perceptions and becomes what we view as reality. It becomes our version of “truth” and filters into our personal character, and actually skews how we react and how we treat others.  You actively build your reality based on what is actually true for you, as well as what you allow to be considered “true”. Once you understand that, it only seems reasonable that you’d slow down, take a little time and cross-check what you come across for truth.  Identifying our perceptions and beliefs as the foundation for our character, it seems like it should be important enough to spend time thinking about. Sadly though, I don’t think we do that as much as we should. More than ever I’m convinced that many never come to that conclusion in the first place, instead choosing to believe that life is just something that happens to them.

I think many times we frequently stop just short of actually learning the full lesson we were meant to. Its convenient and secretly what we learn is easier to manipulate if its a partial truth. Even if unintentional, we rarely think it through things enough to really grasp what is important, and how others are affected with our choices. We often continue to cling to some of our selfish tendencies, and even worse, work to justify that way of thinking. It is for this reason we sometimes have the same problems repeat themselves in our life. Through half-hearted living and learning, we stifle our own growth and progress. In turn we misrepresent ourselves and bewilder others in the process.

In school we are taught the scientific method in which we not only are asking questions, doing research, but then also testing hypothesis’s before we draw any conclusions.  Before is the key word! If only we’d use it in other aspects of our life. Then maybe we’d have a clearer picture of what we actually believe, or think we know.  Unfortunately school is sometimes also where we also learn to place more weight on competition than compassion for others.

So is a child really a reflection of the father?  (I know this question still seems out of place, but I’ll get there)

I say No. While there may be similar attributes both physically or in character, we are all given free will. Each individual is responsible for their own actions and own thoughts. They make their own choices, and justify things their own way.  We choose what to believe, and how far to delve into finding untainted truth. We ourselves decide if lukewarm understandings are “good enough” to build our beliefs and perceptions on.  We choose most of the drama we participate in.  We can only blame our upbringing so far before we are just being petty. Nothing can be changed about the past, but right now is ours to formulate.

Oddly enough the repeated question above came to me after reading an article this week , and viewing some other people’s reactions to some current events.  It wasn’t actually a human father I had been thinking about here, it was a heavenly one.. I just got to thinking…

Is a child really a reflection of their heavenly father?

No.. at this point I have to say no.  I have been bombarded lately with repeated instances where I’ve seen extremely vocal “Christians” showing less than honorable attitudes when it comes to their fellow man. Selfishness so easily justified from some very surprising sources and its shaken me a bit I have to admit.   As I started thinking about it occurred to me that this is not new.  I believe they were called Pharisees in Jesus’s time, and they haven’t changed, just are better at marketing themselves (and sometimes get paid for it).  In reality, they shoot themselves in the foot with the people they were supposedly trying to reach because the hypocrisy is obvious and noticed. The self-serving behavior even goes as far as to fuel the fire for just as vocal non-believers who want to be able to point a finger and claim superiority. (Ever notice how school-yard-like our world is?, old habits die hard I guess. Really not sure of this mountain everyone wants to be King of…  why do people care so much? Why the need to feel superior? Apparently some pretty rampant complexes going around. )

Its important to remember sometimes that the “God” or “religion” a person claims to follow, is not really at fault for that specific person’s actions. We have free will, and the capacity to think and feel, and know wrong from right.  In honesty, God is a scapegoat for both believers and non-believers. An excuse used to justify or blame their actions or events on.   I wonder sometimes if the intent of  the commandment to “not use the Lords name in vain”, was less about swearing, and more about not being a hypocritical in representing God…. To not use God’s name to push our own selfish ideas…   just a small tandem thought.

Religion (like skin color, or nationality) is just a label that many place on themselves for their own gain. They claim it as theirs for what it can do for them, not because they are interested in opening their hearts, or caring for others.  Its something that politicians and other people use to garner support as they try and indicate that because they “believe in a God”, that they represent what “God” thinks.  They’re religious, with “higher ideals” and so must be “divinely inspired”.  Subsequently they must be in a position to pass judgment eh? No longer a a lowly jury of their peers, they’re now judge material, and you should agree … or else incur wrath.  In today’s world, being “Christian” has just become another meaningless label.

Maybe their God is interested in separation and keeping people in less desirable positions because it bodes well for that individual, but that is not what I believe.  That is not the God I follow, and if that is what the label means now, I’m not interested. I refuse to teach my children to uphold honorable characteristics only when it works in their personal favor. If there is one thing I wish to impress upon my children, it is compassion and love, not judgment, intolerance, or oppression.  I had been brought up as “Christian” but if the meaning has changed to what is being advertised, then it no longer describes me and my relationship with my  God.

At my core, there is a spiritual nature that I avidly feel. It is not me, or of me, but within me. There is strength I can tap into that isn’t my own, and its basis is love.  It is simple and pure, and doesn’t require anything of anyone, it only pleads for me to treat people with respect in every aspect and to encourage others to do the same. This is the best description I can give as to why I believe in my God, its because I feel God in my life,  there is something there and while I can’t always pinpoint or contain it, I can’t deny it, so I believe and it is that simple. Its less what I’ve been taught through the years, and more what I feel. Because its what I feel, I don’t need a label. They can have it, but they won’t be using it to sway me…  just saying.

Labels are commonly trivial. Maybe we would all be better off to realize it and give up the practice. Really it can be compared with childish name calling. We shouldn’t buy into generalizations and labels as much as we do. Race, nationality, religion, political party, etc.. they are meaningless when you think of them.  All label groups are made up of individuals that all have different levels and extremes. Rather than understanding that fact, we continue to  try and put them into a single box with a single description.  Seems counterproductive to me, unless it really is your goal is to assume rather than learn, or separate rather than build together.

We seem to have an unearned sense of entitlement. Intelligence is mocked at, but creating separation, discourse and whining is encouraged in our current society, and broadcasting daily….   hourly even. People think its just fine to believe that they are so much better than everyone else.. I just don’t understand that thinking. The base atoms in my body are not different than those of a human in Chile, Iraq,  Mexico, Canada, or anywhere else, therefore my life doesn’t take precedence over theirs, I’m not better or more important, or more deserving.. I’m just different.

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