fence finished :)

Enjoyed the day with Deon today. Today (4/26/10) is our 13th wedding anniversary. We got up this morning, got the kids off to school, then went to Lowes to buy a gate kit. It only took us a couple hours to get it finished up. I must say, Its nice to have that part done. The yard actually looks bigger now that it is closed off.

We went out for an early “anniversary lunch” where Deon got to have his steak and cheesecake (that he hardly ever gets now due to our diet changes. Then we hurried back as we were watching our niece Aly this afternoon. I was able to get her hair in a pony tail, although silly girl is far too fast and I couldn’t seem to get a good picture of it.

Watched “The Blindside” which was an excellent movie! Really appreciated it! Was a nice day, got some things done, and had a little bit of a breather.

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