Almost a year! :)

This Saturday, Habitat is having a Wall raising ceremony for the house that is going in across the street from us. We had the opportunity to meet the couple that is set to occupy one of the sides of that common wall house. They are a bit younger and have a new little baby. They seem pretty nice. How exciting!

On the 8th of May (next Saturday) we will have been in our house a year.  Two years since we applied and started the journey. Its been a wonderful experience. I’m still very thankful that we had been able to participate.  It has allowed us to get things caught up, and do some things we never would have been able to do otherwise (like Disneyland).

It is amazing to me to remember the process. Like many people, I never would have thought we would have qualified for Habitat in the first place, but at the urging of a co-worker, I had applied anyway. My understanding of what Habitat did was very limited before getting involved with them.  So much has happened in the last two years that has really changed our lives. I’m very thankful!

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