The Twilight Experiment..

On my own, I don’t find my self inspired to pick up a book that is not non-fiction.  Growing up, I read a whole lot of fiction, but since adult hood, sadly if I read anything, its for a specific reason and rarely involves imagination. I like to keep tabs on what my daughter is reading, mostly because while she is quite down-to-earth in many regards, there have been long discussions brought on by some … lets just say ..  non-big-picture-thinking.

It is an avid goal of mine to have my children think through things in a way that helps them progress in understanding rather than getting tied up in drama.  I know.. I know, I realize it is a book and meant as a form of escape, and while that is all good and all, I think its important to make sure she understands that point. A lot of things I think we just assume our kids know, or understand.

Shelsea read the first of the Twilight book, and in me doing some research on the book, there are some very conflicted views..  people seem to either love it, or hate it, and many seem crazily obsessed by it.


I’m trying to read Twilight..   trying to maintain an open mind, and keep forefront in my thoughts that I am not the “targeted audience” and not to judge it too quickly or harshly…  (shh.. so far.. its been a little hard as I already have a healthy dislike for the main character and how easily she can justify using people around her , but I’m only to chapter 4).

But  I just have to remember the point is to know what it is actually about when we discuss it.

One thought on “The Twilight Experiment..”

  1. At first I thought “Twighlight Experimant,” was an old Russian sci-fi I’ve been meaning for years to read, but then I realized, ‘oh, it’s that idiotic teen book-TV thing.’

    Your last sentence was the wake-up call I’ve been needing; I don’t realize how much of “the way I think” has been changed by my ms. I’m sure some would say it happens when people get older, but my ms onset was fast, and I noticed quickly how much my judgment had been changed. Not for the better, and the more often I get “woken up” the better!

    Thank you!

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