All the wrong places…

Politics in general seem to rub me the wrong way so much of the time.  So much of the arguing seems self-serving and hardly ever for the good of the majority.  When it gets to the point where even your church leaders are suggesting certain ways to vote I think its gotten pretty bad.  Is there anyone else out there that feels that the real reason things aren’t working is because our priorities as a group are not in the right places? We are trusting in the wrong device, and  looking in the wrong place!

So in our state, they are trying to raise taxes, and everyone is up in arms, it seems  that everyone has an argument one way or the other. Honestly both sides want to protect a certain aspect. One side is worried about pushing small and struggling businesses over the edge, which is indeed a problem.  The other side is trying to save and improve on our education system, which is also more important than we’ve made it.  The unfortunate part is, even as riled up as they are,  I don’t think either choice once made, will offer a real solution to what either side is wanting.

The thing is, it seems money is always at the center of it. It’s an alternate idol, and the biggest problem maker.  People want to earn more and more, because it seems to be the means by which we do everything.  It determines one’s “value”, one’s “status” one’s “importance”, but I ask you … does it really?  Or are we failing our selves by continuing to allow it to be our form of measurement. I seriously feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Let me ask you… and I’m sure there are some economists out there that probably have the professional  answer for me, but really I’m curious….. Who is it that determines inflation? Who is it that decides that services we render this year should cost more than they did last year?

My answer… its us! We do this to ourselves because greed is so rampant in our society.  We’ve gotten to the point where we don’t even notice it much. Because everyone’s  striving for “something better” and since our common form of measurement to achieve that –  is currently in dollars and cents – then that means the only way to achieve something “greater” is to have the money to do so.

Since in reality, money was never meant to be the measurement of everything we are, we begin to bind ourselves continually in a belief system, a way of life  that isn’t able to be maintained the way it should be. More and more money is spent yet less and less actual needs are taken care of. Some have so much, while others have next to nothing, and are easily kept in that position even if they happen to be fortunate enough to have a full time job. Does it not seem wrong? There are those who have so much who are intent on keeping our society the way it is.  The greed benefits them.

It seems so black and white to me, it’s so frustrating! Does our society, our state, our country benefit from having illiterate, under educated citizens?  Do any of us benefit from having neighbors and friends that can’t afford to get health care when they are sick? Forcing them to wait until the need is more severe and more urgent? or for them to bankrupt themselves to get treatment?  Does it help us as a society to have neighbors whose homes are barely livable ? or even worse, for people and children not to have a home at all?

This is all so stupid! And sadly we bring it on our selves, because we continue to see the only method of fixing things as being to throw money at it.  Divert money from this location, to this other location.  When will we wake up? The true measure should not be money but creativity and time invested, but monetary rewards are all we know, so its what we stick with.

If we could find a way to reward people for investing in each other, investing in our future.  If we found a way to make our system work to where people could also have an alternate way to   sustain their most basic needs through time spent on improvement of others.  Make it a collective effort to train our children in what ever gifts they have, so that our countries future would actually be filled with the best and the brightest. It does no good for us to limit our best resource, our people.  As long as our focus is on ourselves, and on how much we ourselves can acquire, then we are selfish, and will remain trapped in a system that doesn’t work for any collective greater good.  We need community, no matter how much we like to deny it.  Many want the pride of saying they are self-made, but its false.  No one is self-made, if they were they wouldn’t need money to show it.