How times flies..

I remember when I was small, how often I was assured that milestones I wished for were “would be here before you knew it.”   When I was little, it was pretty hard to believe. Everything took SO LONG!, seemingly taking forever! Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Middle School, High School, Dances, Dance Team Competitions, May Day Celebrations, Graduations & Summers! It all came so slowly..

Something odd happens the older you get. All that time you spent as a child, wishing for that time to hurry …. well it seems to catch up with you, and now all the sudden  it is more than willing to oblige.  When you have children, you are graced with an obvious gauge that makes it unmistakenly clear, just how fast time flies… and suddenly you are wishing that you had a pair of brakes that could slow things down, at least just a little..

I make this observation as my son Haiden, my second child, turns 10 years old.  Two of our three children are now a decade or older… absolutely insane.. it can’t really be possible!

We had a small get together for Haiden on Saturday.  We gave him an IronMan watch, which he was pleased with as he had actually just asked for a watch the other day.  Deon made an absolutely awesome gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake with strawberry-coconut filling! It was great!! There were a few regular cupcakes for others, if they weren’t brave enough to try the allergy-free cake, but honestly we could have done with out. Deon’s cake was better than any allergy-full (hehe) cake I’d tasted.. well… back when I could taste them. ^^

Deon’s Parents (Poppa & Tutu) , and my sister Muriel, and Aly were over. We had fun talking, and the kids entertained themselves with The hot wheels toy that Aunt Muriel, Uncle Trevor and Jeremy got Haiden for his birthday.

Alysondra enjoyed herself a cupcake… preparation for next week when she has her 1st Birthday party… which also doesn’t seem possible..  🙂

she had quite the face… hehe

Neighbor girls even came by a little later to wish Haiden a Happy Birthday, as well as his God Father.

In other news.. My niece Stephanie had her baby a little over a week ago.  So we welcome little Jackson Dennin into the family.. 🙂

Also, the boys had their Christmas programs on Dec. 16th, which was my father’s 65th birthday… talk about time flying!…   The boys were lucky enough to have both sets of Grandparents come out which was cool.

Here is a picture of them with some decorations after the show.

Kylan’s was first as his was for the K – 2nd graders, and then Haiden’s program – the one for the 3rd – 5th graders followed. They both did great! It was fun to watch, the music teacher did a great job putting it together!

Kylan was adorable, singing in his first Christmas Program as last years got snowed out.

We really liked their rendition of “Polar Puppy”.. was pretty cute!

here’s chatty Kylan…   this was actually before the show started.. hehe

Haiden was a character, fully animating all his parts as usual.. the kid is the biggest ham.. definately a performer. Haiden even had a small speaking part. 🙂

It ended up being even more  eventful as well as the evening ended up included two seperate instances of someone pulling the Fire Drill.. luckily whoever did it, waited to do so after each show, so it was times that people were leaving the building anyway… Well unless you were like us and had a child in both shows.

It all just makes me realize how important it is to not just exist, but to live! To be present in this day and to maybe worry a little less about the past because it can’t be changed.. and the future because nothing is written in stone..   Enjoy NOW.. because its really all you have. Soon before I know it, the days of my children being young will be gone.. They will have grown to live their own lives, and they will be gone, and then at some point I will be gone. All I really have is now, can’t fight time, it always prevails, but I can choose to enjoy the time I do have! It really is a choice.