Is Hate on the rise?

I think I’d like to sleep for the next two weeks, wake me up on Nov 5th…  unless McCain wins.. then give me a few more days to compose myself…

I have a TV, but no cable or regular TV stations. I think I should be thankful to have NOT had it during this campaign. I really don’t understand the attraction to being part of a problem rather than a solution. Why are there so many hateful people out there?  Where do these people come from.. so many interviews with people sporting plastic catty smiles on their miserable faces.. saying things that make my bottom jaw hit the floor! I did not realize! Is this what our country is like outside my mostly calm little bubble? Angry, Drama-driven, division-creating, small minded people. I understand freedom of speech but come on! There are some things that just step over the line, and any talk insinuating murder.. even if meant in jest, is not funny… EVER! Its not acceptable behaivor to even joke… Why do people not know this?

It always amazes me how some people can go on and on and  talk about things that they don’t have any actual information on. They will repeat whatever dribble they have been fed, without any regard to what is truth, not even attempting to verify what they have been told. And then what is really scary is that and they repeat it with such conviction, and make it personal to them.

They are content enough to just simply believe what their given and jump aboard any given bandwagon. It is frightening that  because these people are out there promoting hateful words, actions, and ideas, and worse.. they actually believe the falsehoods they spew.

It makes me sad for my children.. I hope I can infuse enough life affirming, hope, and common sense into my children that they aren’t ever attracted to that kind of behavior.

3 thoughts on “Is Hate on the rise?”

  1. Scary world we live in. And all we can do is teach our children right from wrong and hope they will carry that with them into adulthood, then pass it on to our children.

    Obama will win, he has to. So you won’t need any recovery time. If he doesn’t? Ouch!

  2. I can’t imagine how upset I will be if McCain wins this one. I think I’ll implode or something.

    Agreeing with Abby, all you can do is teach your children right from wrong. Teach them to embrace and appreciate diversity, to explore what is unique about each of us and to recognize what we all have in common. Show them your values by your words and actions. Love them and guide them. And they will do that same with their children someday. That’s our hope in this world.

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