Generation We!

This is an awesome video that I heard about from Lisa’s Brass & Ivory Blog.

Generation WE: The Movement Begins… from Generation We on Vimeo.

Seeing this actually came at a good time. My daughter who has big ideals, has been having a hard time with some of her studies as of late, and I have been on her to get things completed and turned in (on time), and it has been very frustrating for both of us. I know part of it is her age and just the struggle of learning responsibilty in gerneral, but we have really been talking about the importance of getting a good education, and that it is especially important that she learn all she can right now as now is when she is building the foundation for her future education. The basics she learns or doesn’t learn right now will affect how easy or how hard school will be for her in the future.

As soon as I could, I played this video for my children. I talked to them about the fact that they are not only this country’s, but also this world’s future. Something, which I was kind of surprised at their reaction to. My son looked at me in disbelief and said “But Mom, we’re just kids”. I explained to him that even though they are young, and small right now, it doesn’t mean that what they do doesn’t have an impact on the world around them. Quite opposite infact, they don’t realize it, but they have the potential to have an influence on other kids even by how they choose to act. How they choose to behaive, or not behaive, weither or not the treat others with respect. Many kids out there do not have role models, and if they exhibit qualies of good character, it encourages others to follow suit. The ripple affect, and the pay it forward mentalities, can cause a lot of good in our world.

I think it is our role as parents to empower our children with the knowlege that they do matter, and there is a purpose for them to be here. Their presence, even if not planned by their parent at the time, was planned by God, and they are here for a reason. Their actions, their thoughts, their lives… they are all important and they all matter.

I believe that it is when kids get left feeling alone, helpless, and that their ideas, and THEY – in general, aren’t important, that is when problems set in. Its much easier to be apathetic, and cause problems, when you don’t think what you do really affects anyone else. People (including kids) tend to act out when they are trying to prove to themselves that they do matter. The attention that they get gives them the feedback that they are searching for. Thats why it is so important that negativity is not the only kind of attention we provide our offspring.