Carpet, Countertops, and Linoleum.. Oh my!

Deon and I went and worked on the jobsite on Friday and guess what! We had stairs! I didn’t get a picture as I forgot my camera, but will have to take a picture to put up here.. Not sure why stairs are so exciting to me, but they really are! lol. 

 While there, Al (I think his title is project coordinator) came by and asked us to find some time and go by Rice’s Furniture in town here, and select our carpet and linoleum.  Saturday Morning we headed down there. There were about 8 – 10 choices (give or take) of each to choose from. They also had us choose a countertop when we were there. We chose a predominately black one that had tiny white lines in it here and there. It was very exciting, because now I can start to even picture what it will be like!

Here is what we chose for the linoleum:

because of Haiden’s allergies, the downstairs will all be this linoleum except for the downstairs bedroom which will have carpet. Upstairs the bathroom & the “utility” room (which will turn into a homework/reading room) will have the linoleum as well.

Carpet will go on the stairs and in the bedrooms upstairs, the carpet we chose looks like this:

We feel so blessed to be able to do this! And for all the great people at Habitat. Al, Marianne, Brenda  have been so great answering questions and getting things situated so that even in worse case with my MS, our home will be less of a challenge.  We feel very lucky to have the group we have working on our project. The contractor Jim is awesome! He always explains things to us and helps us understand what is going on, and seems to show great attention to detail which I very much appreciate. Makes us feel very confident in how it all will turn out. There are a few more consistant volunteers that are out there off and on that we will definately want to make sure we thank before this project is done, Mike and Larry C, and Ben are a few who it has always been a pleasure to work with. Also many thanks to Dawn and the people at the Restore who have contributed to make this possible!