VP Debates… My take..

I watched the VP Debate last night.

My opinion following ~ feel free to disagree, that is one great thing about the country we live in. ūüôā

Gov. Palin did a better job when compared to her more recent interviews, however I must say that when the bar is set so low, it isn’t much of a compliment that she did better than normal.

Just curious, I wonder how many times you can actually use the phrase “He/We are Maverick’s” as a substitution for explaining¬†just “How” you plan to change things? “Reform” is one of her other favorite words. So I know what the word¬†“Reform” means, but again, what¬†is the¬†plan behind it? Its one thing to say “Yes, we need a change”, but its another to have plans on how to cause that change to happen. I would even hope that things would be planned out enough to where you would have at least a small understanding of any repercussion of¬†what you are proposing.¬†¬†¬†

I get it.. I understand that¬†the Republican¬†campaign wants America to know that in the past John McCain “has been viewed as a Maverick”, “taking shots from all sides” since change is what everyone is clamoring for, this should sound appealing…¬†but truth be told, I really don’t care for an empty phrase used over and over and over again. Tell me not about what his past reputation is. Talk about what policies are to be changed, and how they are different from the present ones. That is what I want to know.. just a small simplified explanation would do..¬†Not a bunch of appealing, and patronizing words about how great our¬†people and our country is.¬†I am not in love with John McCain as¬†she seems to be (¬†as evidenced by her amorous smile whenever she says his name.. lol), and I want at least¬†some small evidence that there are¬†some thought out plans behind these “pretty” words. ¬†If it is¬†their desire to help us get things going in the right direction, then you need far more than pretty words thrown out by a past pageant winner who still knows how to smile for the camera, and say cutesy things when she doesn’t know how to answer¬†a question.

That may be unfair to say, but truly I haven’t been impressed at all. I kind of think what started out as a blatant ploy to attract Hillary votes, has¬†been forced¬†to change gears because (while I’m not a Hillary fan neccessarily) this woman is no Hillary. The things she does bring to the republican side¬†is that she’s attractive, and has some slight charisma going for her, so she can be Mrs. Hokey Mom and at least play the part of someone¬†who is supposedly just like¬†you or me, from a “small town” at least that is the idea they are wanting to portray. The reason this is especially beneficial to the current Republican ticket, is because John McCain, while being a “Maverick”, also has been thought of as being “Out of touch” with the American people. Palin is their answer to combat this.. Look! Look! She’s from a “Small Town”.. that will balance it all out right?

That is fine, and it is a little harsh on my part, but I will remind you that every village has its idiot. Being from a “Small Town” doesn’t automatically equate that you have similar views and motives as John Q. Public.¬† (Joe Six-pack?… really? One of her interviews was the first time I had ever heard that used as a name to describe just a normal regular person…. ok, I’ll bite.. a six-pack of what?.. What is being insinuated here?)

The Health Care Plan, she¬†talked about¬†a¬†tiny bit, but in my own mind I figured that my current coverage costs through my employer end up being¬†far more than the $5000.00 that they’d alot.. and it put simply, my coverage isn’t the greatest.¬† The idea that there would be more competition is good.. however, I’m not sure that there would be any reason for them to lower costs for better coverage. I could see them continuing to offer substandard coverage at the $5000.00 rate, and if you wanted or needed something better, that it would cost you even more…

As I said in previous posts, I am not political at all. I do not care what affiliation any politician is with as it is my perhaps nieve hope that it is the person that can make a difference, not what party they come from, so it is not a political affiliation that causes a bad taste in my mouth from listening to Palin.¬† I hope and pray that the American people aren’t swayed by just saying a bunch of words that sound appealing with very little to back it up.¬† That … or I hope I’m dead wrong and that if by chance the McCain/Palin ticket prevails, that there are some ingenious plans that they just didn’t share with us…¬†¬† but I doubt it…