Ego preservation

Ego preservation is such a waste of time and energy. It limits how soon you can get to the results stage of a problem. It often minimizes how often others wish to even interact with you. It delays any actual progress, distracting us from our goal. Its one of the most worthless and weakest human traits that we stand by so staunchly. We seem to want to be seen as “right” more far than we actually  want “right results” to actually occur which is plain dumb.

We have this stupid tendency to be very worried about our own status and position, in making sure that other’s know just “how important” we are, and making sure they know “their place” in relation to that. Rather than just showing them our strengths instead by proving them, we expect that others follow suit with the narrative we’ve told ourselves. Egos are very bad for teamwork.

I’m so tired of the whole thing.


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