some days….

Some days all you really need is to feel a little less alone in the world.

Some days you really need a time out… to think through things.

It occurs to me that people forget that we really aren’t born all-knowing. Its not like we start out understanding things very well. Our parents and teachers as we grow start off by teaching us simplified versions of things. We learn the alphabet, we learn numbers, we learn colors, we learn basics, we learn their beliefs. Then from there we pull in more information as we go along, growing our knowledge to become usable.

I find it interesting, that some are so unwilling to continue to grow past there. The world if full of different tints and hues of a vast rainbow of colors, yet in many instances, we choose to only consider things in black and white, and struggle with anything more. We were supposed to continue to grow, to learn and understand the bigger picture, yet many are very content to remain in such simplified terms, only taking into considerations the experiences they already know, or have already impacted them personally.

Why are humans so often so content to just remain so stagnant? It feels like so much work to get people to be willing to think outside of themselves.

Why are humans so bound by pride in not expanding themselves to understand more? I truly don’t understand.

The smaller pictures are easy.. and humans are lazy creatures.  Often not looking for anything further until they are made uncomfortable.

Maybe that is what it is right there… maybe only some of us are uncomfortable all the time. Some of us actually are empathetic enough to actually feel the impact of points that others make from a different point of view, so its not as easily ignored or disregarded.

Maybe some of us feel so alone in this world because it doesn’t seem like others care… Not because they necessarily don’t, but maybe its more the observed ability in others to so easily disregard thoughts and struggles of others,  just because it doesn’t fit with their simplified views and understandings of the world.

To someone empathetic, its hard sometimes to just realize others plain don’t “feel” others pain too. Empathetic people don’t realize that they are able understand a bit more, because their nature keeps them uncomfortable. Always questioning, always learning other perceptions and view without as much effort as others. You are naturally inundated by it constantly and so you can’t escape it. You have to come to terms with it, and not let the fact that in this day and age its harder to find interlocutors who are willing to think through things or that have solid reasons behind their beliefs and actions.

Empathetic people as a survival mechanism have to separate the emotional responses to pain from the reasonable responses to pain, and focus mostly upon trying to resolve the issue. Resolving the needs to take precedent over staunch personal pride in their own initial beliefs.





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