Thoughts on the hierarchy of Love…

Valentines approaches, and it brings to mind a simple musing for me..

The beauty of Love is how it can bring you around…. how it can wake you up… how it can make you appreciate the simple wonders that is quality time spent in this life. It can help you appreciate the very small things, the subtle and gentle moments that are so truly life-affirming. To find those moments of awe and simple appreciation.

What is love exactly? I understand that my view on what love is in the first place detours a bit from the normalcy of society. First and foremost, I believe the hierarchy to be quite different than most.  I don’t feel like romantic love is at all the highest level to be achieved when it comes to love. I find romantic entanglement to actually be far lower on the scale because it seems it cannot be totally abstained from needing our ego’s to be fed in some manner by the other in order to “feel” like its working or worth it.

a quote comes to mind…

“It’s like loving the stars themselves… you don’t expect a sunset to love you back” ~ River Song

The things that make me appreciate love, are a resolute connection and a consistent simple willingness to attempt to understand another person and continue to care… even if there is no benefit to ourselves that will come out of it.

That is the pinnacle defining factor… a willingness to remain altruistic in a relationship to where your desire is purely health and happiness for the other, without reward to your own ego over it.  Its a tall order, its something more purely honest than having any underlining expectation of the investments of caring having the affect of being reflected back at you… and that is why I can’t put the same amount of merit into romantic situations as altruistic ones.

To desire another’s happiness above the need to be centrally important in their life. To be content with them living out their potential regardless of how involved it allows you to be.. not needing to be centrally important to them.  That to me is the highest measure of love someone can have towards another.

I personally would desire altruistic love over romantic infatuation any day.


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