Sincerety… a lost art?

Sign of the times, or just the feeling brought on by a recent election and the impending holidays I’m not sure… but I find myself scrutinizing statements around me quite a lot. Its a habit that I’m wondering as to how healthy it really is.

Its a mode I can’t turn off.  Analyzing things said to figure out what degree of truth is really present is just a natural transaction that happens in my brain. Less of a focus on words, and more focus placed on figuring out what that person actually means.. taking in consideration whatever past experiences I know they have and determining what their real motives are for saying what they say. Its exhausting..

I find that personally when I finally get to the point where I’d like to have a conversation, I’d rather just get to the heart of the matter. I’m thinking that this isn’t the norm any longer. In fact I’m finding that so much conversation is fake that it frustrates me to even take part. This is not good, but its really how I feel lately.

Don’t say things you don’t mean. If you don’t wish good things for someone, don’t tell them that you do. If you claim to be open minded, but then say things in passive aggressive ways to show superiority.. then you aren’t open minded.

If you think your understanding is the only possible way that someone could look at an issue, and then put down peoples intelligence for seeing things different than you, you yourself is the one with the limited understanding by your own hand.

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