Are you kidding?

I really don’t understand those who don’t believe that our health care system is broken. Even worse.. those who know, but don’t want to venture to do anything different. Heaven forbid that our nations people have access to affordable insurance. (Affordable meaning that not only are they able to pay the monthly premiums, but that they are also able to afford to actually use it when its needed, and not end up bankrupt)   Our health insurance is far too lucrative of a business. The focus is all wrong, its so frustrating!

I read an article today (here’s the link.. may not work for long because it is a news article link, but  here it is:

The points I found most disturbing:

In 2007 as reported by the OECD

International Average  of money spent on health care – $2984.00 per person
International Average infant mortality  – 3.9 deaths per 1,000 births
International Average  for Life Expectancy     –   79.1

United States Average of money spent on health care – $7,290 per person
United States Average infant mortality -6.7  deaths per 1,000 births
United States Average Life Expectancy  – 78.1

Quote from the article:   “It suggests that the U.S. is not getting great value for its health spending, in terms of life expectancy,” Gaetan Lafortune, one of the report’s co-authors said.”

hmm.. really?

We received our yearly notice..  premiums & deductibles are going up…  over 20% higher for the same plan we had last year.  I am fortunate to work for a company who tries their best to minimize the impact on their employees by exploring options.  I work for a smaller company. I fully expect that if the trend continues, sooner than I like to think, they will no longer be able to help the employees as much as they have.

I listen to some of these politicians in interviews, and they make me want to cry at times.  There is a serious departure from what seems like common sense.  They just don’t seem to care. ~ Serina

I’ve figured it out… if I end up being deemed unsuccessful in this life, it will not be because of apathy, but rather because I don’t choose money as my motivation.

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