A Valentine’s Day Post…

Here is a Valentine’s Day inspired post..
Myself, I have never been a real avid Valentine’s Day partaker.. but I have always appreciated the idea of celebrating love.

This Valentine’s Day, be sure to appreciate those you love…. but beyond that.. be sure to appreciate your right to freely appreciate those you love on Feb. 14th.

My daughter came home from school today telling me that she had been told that there was some country in the world where Valentine’s Day was outlawed… but she couldn’t remember the name of the country.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I google’d it and sure enough I found what she was talking about.

In Saudi Arabia, Valentines Day has been outlawed because of its perceived Christian origins. They actually go as far as to prohibit the sale of anything red in color on Feb. 14th each year. Anyone who gets caught can actually be sent to jail over it.

The main story appearing more frequently of the origins of Valentine’s Day is said to be that Emperor Claudius II believed single men to be better soldiers than married men, so he actually outlawed marriage for young men, causing many couples to be unable to wed.
A certain Catholic Priest called Valentine defied the law, and would perform marriages for couples who were in love. When the emporer found out, he ordered that Valentine be killed on Feb 14, 270 A.D.

Ancient Romans began to celebrate the the anniversary of Valentines death which conveniently coincided with a pagan fertility festival.

In an effort to “Christianize” the celebrations in 498 A.D., Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day.

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