Habitat for Humanity

I’m not sure that anyone local reads my blog.. lol, so I think it could be safe to go ahead and post this. Our application was accepted to Habitat for Humanity, and we will be partnering with them to build a new house for our family! We are elated! This is going to be such a great thing, and I’m very anxious to get started on our “Sweat equity” hours.  It is a such a blessing! I am told that they will even work with us to make the house in such a way that it would be wheelchair accessable – should the need arise in the future. (Obviously hoping my MS doesn’t get to that point, but it is so great to take comfort in the fact that if it does happen, my home may be a little less difficult to get around as it might normally be.)

Our first meeting with them is on the 18th (My Birthday! – Happy Birthday to me!!)  I feel very blessed to have this opportunity!

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