Birthday fun

Yesterday was my Birthday, I turned 30.

In the morning, we had our very first appointment with the people at Habitat for Humanity. They all were very nice, and answered the questions I had. We have a family partner named Brenda to help answer any questions along the way. We also got to drive by the area where our house will be. The house is going to be a town house that actually has a common wall with another family. The other family has three kids as well, so the kids will have neighbors to play with.

At work, my boss always makes desserts for people’s birthdays. I have abstained the last few months, mostly because of my MS diet. Yesterday however, she made a peach/strawberry crisp (maybe cobbler, I’m not sure the difference) that was wheat/gluten-free, dairy-free, and was ok for me to eat. It was very good. It was the first “dessert” of that kind that I had since we found out about the MS.

For dinner, my husband took us out to Chinese. It was fun. Then afterwards we went by Lowe’s to look at “House things” … lol

It was a pretty fun day all in all.

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