Of Hope and Desperation…


There are two states of being in life that heavily influence our actions and the lengths in which we go. One is Hope, and the other is Desperation.

We may feel we have a better understanding than others, and genuinely want others to share in that same understanding, but keep in mind that we are still all individuals with different capabilities, at different stages, with different life experiences and understandings. Be wary of demonizing another because their Hope differs from your own. It may be all they have to hold onto in their current stage.

Awakening is not an instant event, it is something achieved over time, and we each have our own personal starting points. Our minds have limitations, and while we should ourselves always strive to broaden our own horizons and understandings, consider that diminishing another’s light before they have found their foundation does not generally end well.

Be wary of any desire to demolish outright, or displace someone else’s Hope just so that they will match up closer to your own. Hope is a fragile and complicated thing. Removing one’s hope outright doesn’t mean it can be quickly replaced, or that that person’s stability will be an improvement upon what they previously had.

Consider the thought that leaving people in the alternative state of Desperation is harmful and is a much harder state to get rid of. Desperation is far less likely to inspire positive events or the growth you claim to want for them.

Understand that any real “Awakening” or “Enlightenment” is personal, and is never a quick prospect. It is the product of an open mind, personal reflection and time. It comes with observance… So if you want to share your “truth”, then do it by internally questioning your own beliefs constantly to make sure they are what they claim to be.

Share more by living the morals you hold so dear rather than preaching about them, or patting yourself on the back for having them. Exhibit them in such a way that you don’t have to explain their benefit or importance, but rather have its benefits and importance becomes observable in your character and your own actions, and the differences you make in the world around you. That is how you really reach out to people.


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