Happy New Year 2016! Project Evolve!


With this new year, lets take hold of this clean slate and be the beauty we want to see in this world. Let’s Evolve and encourage the positives of being human. Lets spread HOPE by Helping Our People Everywhere!  Take initiative 2016, its time to change our own minds and hearts! We can evolve our society and humanity into something better, but we need to start with ourselves.

We can inspire peace by beginning to really think about what each of us present and encourage in the society around us.

  1. Really think about what you post and what you promote on social media.  If its demeaning, disrespectful or discriminatory towards others, don’t post it. Be careful to not confuse humor with statements of hate.
  2. Question yourself as to what your motivation is. Are you promoting peace or fanning a fire?  Are you educating or entertaining yourself with the things you say and encourage?
  3. Make the effort to stay empathetic and true instead of vengeful and afraid. Do not succumb to fear. Fear only serves to paralyze, not protect or preserve. This simple attitude will help you find happiness and build up those around you.
  4. Release the idea that everything and everyone needs to fit your personal expectations. Its nothing personal against you that someone doesn’t agree with you. Let it go. Choose to communicate through living the morals you wish to promote rather than preaching them. People learn far more from being shown examples. Be the example rather than preach it.