Separating Concerns from Actions.

Respect most assuredly deserves respect. My only cautionary thought is a layer deeper in that its important to see the actions of individuals as what they truly are… the actions and misdeeds of those individuals who should be tried and held accountable for their individual actions. The existence of some “bad apples” doesn’t actually mean that ALL who are working to try to bring the BLM issues to light, always do so with destruction and riots. Those are just the stories that sell the most papers.

We should ourselves be cautions not to allow the actions of a publicized few give us an excuse to dismiss the entire concern, or any group altogether. Just like with politics, like with religion, like with any other “group”. Be thoughtful and aware that there are actually people who claim similar labels that you hold dear for yourself, that really don’t believe or react the way that you would. Extremes exist on all levels.

The BLM concern does infact impact reasonable and hardworking fellow citizens, based on their skin color… something that no one can control about themselves.

My friend lives in Missouri, not all far from Ferguson. My friend is white, and in our conversations even he has whole heartedly expressed that he knows from experience, that there is some disturbingly very different treatment going on. Should people riot, be violent, cause destruction to raise awareness… of course NOT. Those are reactions of spite and revenge, not out of a desire to fix an issue, and those are those individual’s choices. Should all of BLM’s concerns be entirely ignored just because some can’t handle themselves.. NO.

Just because some individuals take advantage of the cries of others and use it as an excuse for their own violence or destruction, doesn’t mean that the base issue that they are using as an excuse for their actions is not legitimate concern.

What IS inexcusable is how they chose to react to it.

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