30% thoughts

Thoughts of the day….

If I were to flip a coin, I’d have a 50% chance of possibly getting a “better” decision made for me.

If I decided to only use 30% of my mental capacity in making decisions, how often do you think that choice picked would have ended up being the better choice? Something I would have come up with had I really put forth the effort to think out and care about the choice being made?

If you are grading someone’s effort, than 30% is failing grade.  It generally means that it wasn’t “important” enough for them to give more of their attention.

In the 2013 Primaries, our national average of voter turnout was 30.14%*. Roughly 30% of America’s mental capacity was used to choose our presidential candidates this year.

Maybe its just me, but I find this really frustrating. Less than 1/3 found it important enough to be bothered with to participate. Apathy is a continued problem in America. I think when you get too comfortable, and too used to leaving decisions to someone else, its  a real problem.

There is no shortage of bellyaching, or amazement over how we’ve gotten here, but pure and simple I think its rather obvious. For the most part we  ‘Merica’ don’t seem to “care enough” to pitch in and be involved. We’re become passive in just being comfortable that someone else will handle things, or make the decisions in our best interest.

When did we become so entitled that we stopped understanding that our actions (as well as inaction) has consequences.

If we can’t be bothered to effectively come up with ideas on improving the lives of our community members (which includes us)… if we can’t be bothered enough to even lightly research topics or candidates being brought up for our votes.. that honestly is apathy that is out of control.


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