Where is the Mercy?


To be honest this is a post of frustration. I continue to really struggle. I get rather frustrated over attitudes I see posted by some members of my “generation” and “older” on facebook and other social media. “Generations” mind you, that really should know better. Its gotten to the point where it’s really bothering me, and has me questioning. It is really weighing on me what the benefit actually is to continue participating in it. Connection is needed, connection is great.. but what exactly am I connecting to?

It eats away at me some times more than it should to see how limited to themselves –  that people’s desire for fairness goes.  Its gotten to the point where admittedly there are less and less people that I feel I can actually believe in when it comes to having motives that consider anything beyond just what actually affects them. When push comes to shove, I have real doubt. Even those that claim to care, their words and actions don’t support their claim. I can count on one hand now how many people I completely trust their form of “care” anymore. I hate feeling that way. This is not the way it has to be… but its the way things will be if we continue to buy into the ideals that separate us. The arguments that pit us against each other. The tendency to demonize anyone who is different, or believe that we are selves are above questioning.

Empathy is a blessing.. and a curse honestly. I’m the one that can’t watch things like America’s Funniest Home Videos because it makes me physically ill to see people get hurt. In turn, it even actually hurts my heart to see people disregard others outright. To be so uncaring in what they say, or so dramatic  or petty in what they decide “offends them” and react to that first without even aspiring to give any sort of consideration to context or understand others struggles at all. To give no real value to what someone else might be going through. I can’t… even…  my patience with it has neared its end and sometimes I’m not sure what to do about that.  I can’t beat them… and I have no desire to join them, and there is too much at stake to simply not care anymore.

I find that plain and simple I’m different… but I hope that I’m not as alone in this as I feel sometimes. I want for sincerity to be a thing. I want genuine thought and care in this world. I want there to be instances of mercy towards each other. I want reasonable problem-solving to be a known resource.

You see, I actually believe in actively looking for a solutions rather than waiting for someone else to deal with it… (and then being mad when they don’t… or worse…..becoming super offended when someone actually tries to, but it doesn’t fit in perfectly with what we believe.) I believe that far more than “prayers” are actually needed. If you are going the faith route that is fine, but ask yourself…. How much do I really deserve a “miracle” if I put no effort towards supporting or causing it.

I’m not someone who is content to ignore or deny the pain and struggles, even death of others just because it doesn’t currently  impact me right now. I believe in taking personal and social responsibility and seeking out truth and better ways. I believe there actually is merit in an ability to take and adapt multiple ideas and mold them into something that could possibly work for the situation at hand.. and even if you have to amend it later because you learn further lessons… that is ok.

I’m different apparently in believing that I myself don’t have all the answers no matter how much “experience” or “education” I may already have. The level of pride involved in this simple thought stifles me. It is not a personal attack to encourage further experience and understanding. If you are angry, because someone dare suggest getting exposure to being aware of different ways of doing things, that is not a dig on you. I’m sorry to break it to you, but that is pride rearing its head. Everyone has that come up from time to time, but I think its important to identify it and put it in its place. Pride generally doesn’t help further what needs to be done. People need to understand that despite all their (in my best Tommy Lee Jones voice) “Skills”, that we are all still work in progress. Perfection is unobtainable, so to believe you exhibit it already….  I’m sorry, but you are mistaken. Believing you couldn’t possibly gain any further insight…. yeah that is thinking of yourself as perfect.

This world is a big place, and maybe because I more than a couple times a week have actual conversations with regular, down to earth people all across the world, its made it easier to realize. We talk about our day to day lives, and share our experiences and struggles with the mundane as well as with some of the scary truth that is out there. It becomes evident quite quickly that there are very similar, as well as very different ways of doing things out in this world. That is why it is hard for me to feel like its acceptable to allow personal pride to limit my thoughts on what actually could be.. if we’d just get over ourselves and allow it.

It seems I’m different in that I’m willing to have the conversations… to discuss ideas, even if I don’t immediately agree with them because I understand that listening to others, and thinking through different things is the foundation of brainstorming. I actually want people to bring up real points to think about and be able to sensibly discuss them. To talk through possible other options.

Mind you I prefer solid points that can be proven with actual examples, not just points that are “felt” or “heard” about from “somewhere”. Pure and simple, if you hearing about something didn’t prompt you to spend time looking into it yourself.. either you don’t really care, or its not a viable enough point.

The thing is that these sensible conversations are needed, but can be really hard to find. Especially in the field of Facebook and the like. Too much simplicity and reliance on emotion to drive.  Emotions can greatly degrade someone’s ability to critically think. It definitely seems to degrade ability to be open minded. It sometimes seems that people desire to take things personally, instead of rolling up their sleeves and actually working through issues and finding real results.

Plain and simple.. I guess I’m saying.. WE SHOULD CARE, and we should care in a way that works towards resolution… not pessimism and blame.

My hope is with the future generations to figure these points out far quicker than we have.





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