Haiden’s Baptism

Haiden’s Baptism was yesterday April 27th 2008.

I was so very proud of him! It is common practice for many adults even to have someone else read their testimony for them. Haiden very adamently decided that he was going to say his own. So he went up to the microphone and said his testimony…

“Hello, my name is Haiden, and I love Jesus! I want to be baptized because I want Jesus to be the boss of my life.”

I didn’t realize what a good public speaking voice he has!

After the group did their testimony, they went around the door to the back and up the stairs in a back room that leads up to about where the cross is on the wall. (sorry didn’t get a good shot of that part). The cross on the wall is actually mounted on two doors that open up, where they have the baptizmal.

Pastor Chris baptized Haiden. Afterwards Haiden changed his clothes, and we got a picture of him, his certificate, and his two necklaces he had got from a Great Aunt & Uncle, and Poppa & Tutu.

Haiden 4/27/08

Haiden is really special! I’ve never met someone so sensitive, yet so brave about some difficult situations. I am very proud of him!

Love ya Buddy!

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