Copaxone ?

Consensus seems to be drug treatment and diet changes together, so that is the way I think I will go.  
I have researched some of the drug treatments, and I think the one I am now leaning towards is Copaxone. As much as I hate needles, and this one is a daily injection instead of weekly, I think it sounds to be the least scary, as far as depression, and other possible body damage is concerned.  
I think I a big part for me is going to be keeping a positive attitude, and since my family is predisposed to depression, I don’t think the others will be as a good fit for me. However  I’m still open for hearing what others have experienced, and thoughts on the subject.  My appointment to decide on medicine is on the 14th.
Deon has told the kids that our new family motto is “Its all Good”, and not let small things get to you.  He told them we will work through this, but to live for today, and not worry what this disease might bring later. We will deal with it when it comes to that time. Cross that bridge if it presents itself.  I’d really like to avoid the bridge.. lol, but I know he’s right.
I have an appointment with a Naturalpath on the 18th to go over diet & some other alternative things. Interested in exploring Vitamin D, B, Fish oils, and grape seed extract that I’ve been hearing/reading so much about.

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