After Three MRI’s, it now sounds like my doctor is pretty sure that I have MS. I have a Spinal tap test today to see if my spinal fluid shows the “markers” for MS.  I am told this disease is really manageable, like that of diabetes, but there has not been any real serious research on it for awhile. While many many have touted good responses from dietary changes, there are not any “proven” relations between diet and MS. A good point that was brought up on one of the websites I saw, was that there is no proof, because they aren’t doing any real research into it.

MS is Multiple Sclerosis. Basically its anti-bodies in my body attacking my nerves, viewing them as foreign

One thought on “MS”

  1. Serina,

    Hello, I came across your new blog because of the mention of multiple sclerosis. I have MS and understand the fear you must be experiencing right now, as well as the pain you must have experienced with the spinal tap. That’s an experience I really don’t want to go through again any time soon. 🙂

    You likely have been spending alot of time on various MS forums and message boards out there. Often it can be overwhelming with the vast contradictory information out there.

    I have a blog as well and welcome you to peruse the various things written there. Specifically, click on the link (on the blog) to the Carnival of MS Bloggers. You will find highlighted posts written by a variety of bloggers who all have MS.

    Brass and Ivory


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