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 I have been doing some research online, and have put forward some goals to hopefully help change our diet to help make our family as a whole healthier.  Prime reason I wanted to make this blog, is to have a place where I can hold information that I find.

There are two things I have been specifically looking into lately, the first is to help our oldest son get ahold of his psoriasis problem.  A few weeks ago, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, Haiden’s class did a project in which they each made a little book that showed 4 things that the kids “dreamed” of.  My heart sank when I read that one of his dreams included “getting the psoriasis off”.  He is a bubbly 8 year old, full of energy and curiosity. This is not something that should be so high on a little kids mind, and it made me sad.  

For the past year, we’ve tried multiple things and multiple “medicines” to combat the problem, but nothing that has seemed to make it go away. The last one included an ointment applied twice a day to the spots to thin out his skin in those areas, oh and as a side note, its a steroid.  I was twice daily applying steroids to my 8 year old son. hmmm…  I have no medical training, no extensive experience, but neither of those sound very good to me, and whats worse, is there was no end in sight.

So much in the health care is centered around just dealing with symtoms, and medicating symptoms, instead of dealing with actual causes of our problems. Far less focus is made on changing lifestyles to “cure” the root of the issue.  My initial response is to be frustrated with health care in general, but when I think of it, really it boils down to one question,  exactly how lazy are we? As a society, we would rather quickly get rid of a symtom now, rather than to put any effort into making a needed lifestyle change! That is the reason health care is the way it is, its because we haven’t demanded it to be any different.  

Exercise? you want me to do what!! oh no, lets instead just cover this symptom and I won’t have to think about it. …….   Watch my diet? What? thats too difficult, I’ll just get a diet pill, or even better, create habits that lead into an eating disorder.  ><

I am on a mission now to find some actual information about nutritional and dietary options.. and it isn’t easy. There are plenty of sites out there who claim to have the correct combinations…. and it can be all yours for a measly $79.95 a month for their product….     I’m not impressed.. this is going to be harder than I thought, but I am determined.   

 There has to be something better…   Our first attempt into making things better is to look into Omega-3 fatty acids that from my reading is very much missing from our diets.  We bought a suppliment, and have made an effort to find foods that contain Omega-3 naturally. Fish, Flax seed,  Dark Leafy vegitables, legumes…

We’ll see how it goes….

I’m hoping a diet change will also help the rest of us. For me as well…this coming Friday, I have two MRI’s scheduled to find out if I have MS or not.  I’m trying hard to put it into God’s hands, but I have to admit, I’m not always so good at that. I need to try harder. 

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