Integrity in reporting

News programs are hazardous to my health.. I’m being totally serious. I find that watching them fills me with anger, not even always at the negative stories we are inundated with, but often with the generally katty personalities that report it.

Genuine or not at all..that is what I desire most. I don’t like the drama and the hype that is attached to seemingly every single story. Just the facts Madame.. Just the facts.. that is all I want. I don’t want water cooler gossip, or even to hear what your personal take is on the story. The first thing I want to hear is the facts of the story.. not your perception of them. I would like to be given the courtesy of being allowed to think for myself. I would like to be presented facts on both sides of the story.

I am an adult.. I’d like to be treated like one by the media.

If you garner any personal pleasure at another groups misfortune and relay it in your presentation.. you are tainted and should be fired.


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