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Almost a year! :)

This Saturday, Habitat is having a Wall raising ceremony for the house that is going in across the street from us. We had the opportunity to meet the couple that is set to occupy one of the sides of that common wall house. They are a bit younger and have a new little baby. They seem pretty nice. How exciting!

On the 8th of May (next Saturday) we will have been in our house a year.  Two years since we applied and started the journey. Its been a wonderful experience. I’m still very thankful that we had been able to participate.  It has allowed us to get things caught up, and do some things we never would have been able to do otherwise (like Disneyland).

It is amazing to me to remember the process. Like many people, I never would have thought we would have qualified for Habitat in the first place, but at the urging of a co-worker, I had applied anyway. My understanding of what Habitat did was very limited before getting involved with them.  So much has happened in the last two years that has really changed our lives. I’m very thankful!

Fun in the Sun with the Garden Club!


The local Garden Club donated a bunch of plants and a couple hours of their time and expertise to come out and help us put in flower beds at the house.


It was really nice of them. I don’t think… well wait.. strike that… Iactually know it wouldn’t have turned out so well had it been only up to us guessing and putting things in the ground.

We put in a small flowerbed in front of the house, as well as a small side one near where our proposed 1st vegetable garden will be. Gardening hasn’t been something I’ve seeked out and done in the past, but it seems really interesting now.

Here are a few pictures, Funny enough, the more artistic looking ones were taken by young Shelsea! 🙂






Moving In!

We started moving into our house on May 8th.  We are so happy! Kids love it, and so do we.  We have most of our stuff over now. There are a few boxes that we have to go pick up at the old place, but the most important things are now home. It really does feel like home. More than any place I’ve ever been. I’m so happy to be there, and feel so blessed to have it finished.

Its funny, but being a homeowner now makes me feel more like a responsible adult.. lol! Not that I thought I was irresponsible before. Its just that even though we always figured things out and paid our rent and things before, its different now because its ours, and not Deon’s parents house. The safety net is gone because there isn’t another option, it really is up us. While its a little scary, it feels really good!

The living room at the moment has tons of boxes, and a couple scattered piles of pictures that need to be put up. I’ve been trying to figure out where things should go that would make the most sense. Shelsea lucked out as our really tall (and really nice) chest of drawers would not fit up the stairs and around the corner, so she ended up with it in her room downstairs, which she was ecstatic about. I told her that just meant that I expected to never see any clothes on the floor in her room. (Yes I realize this is probably an impossible mission for her, but I thought I’d at least try.. lol)  She also ended up with the book shelf in her room, which is ok, maybe will encourage her to read more.. lol 🙂  I’m kidding, she does like to read, just slightly less than Haiden.

Yesterday was Shelsea’s 11th birthday! I took her to the store, and she picked out a couple of shirts. She likes to “shop” which is not something I really do, so she really enjoyed the opportunity. She’s far more “girly” than I ever was, or ever could dream of being.

After I got everyone home yesterday and put the kids to bed, I noticed that I have tons of bruises on my legs. I don’t remember abusing them that much while moving boxes, but I must have. It wouldn’t bother me as much if I remembered anything that would have caused them. They seem to have come out of no where, but then I seem to have limited feeling in my legs sometimes from the MS, so maybe I am banging them up, and just not realizing it… was just odd.

House Dedication :)

Created a little video of the progress through completion.. (or near completion as it were.. hehe)

The Dedication was held this past Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.  About an hour before the ceremony it had been sprinkling all morning, and we drove out to the title company to meet and sign the papers for our new home.

The sun came out right before the dedication, and stayed out the entire ceremony and shortly after. It was even warm!  Once the dedication was over, and people started leaving, the rain started up again. It was pretty amazing our luck!

The house is mostly finished, there are little things that we expect will be done soon, and we should be moving in officially sometime this week! We are very excited!

This past year has been amazing! The whole thing has been amazing, and if anyone ever has a chance to be involved with the Habitat program, be it recipient or volunteer, I would definitely encourage it.  I have been playing with the idea of offering to be a family partner sometime in the future, and of course I figure since there are two Habitat houses going up on the same street I’m on in the next while, that I will have no excuse to be bored on a weekend!

House Update

The new dedication for the house sounds like May 2nd 2009.

Worked there yesterday, it was exciting to see the progress. The Vinyl has now been put in everywhere that vinyl is going. We opted to have more vinyl than carpet because of Haiden’s allergies. I think it looks good! Here is a picture of the front room.


Yesterday they also worked on getting the cabinets in and the driveway/sidewalk started



House Update…

New picture, full shot of the common wall. (Ours is the right side).

Apr. 4th, 2009
Apr. 4th, 2009

Mud/Taping was done this past week, and set to dry this weekend. Heating unit is in, doors have keys and and the place is locked up now which is good as I was told that someone actually came in and stole a few things a couple weeks ago.

I am told that wall texture will be done this week, and then we will be able to come back in and paint. They also mentioned that linoleum installation may be soon. I’m very excited to be finishing up.

Three weeks is the hopeful date finish date.. April 25th

Short offhand list of whats left:

  • paint walls & ceiling
  • paint exterior
  • cabinetry installation
  • appliance installation
  • door installation
  • linoleum
  • lighting fixtures/ other fixtures installed
  • carpet
  • driveway

there may be more, this is just what I could think of…

A local Garden group has met with us to help us figure out how to put in a garden. We will be working on that the first week of May. I find myself more interested in this than I have been in the past. We are going to have a small garden on the side of the house. Mostly food items, my daughter is also very excited at the prospect of being able to grow and cook what we’ll plant. One of her many plans for her life includes being a chef, so she has fun designs on practicing.. 🙂 The dietary changes we’ve made has made her more aware and more interested in eating organic foods.

There are three beautiful trees in the backyard that keeps it shaded back there, so will have to be more selective of any plants we put back there, which is actually ok, because more so the backyard is envisioned for an area for the kids and dog to play, as well as summer entertaining for the likes of BBQ’s with family and friends. Not that we do it a lot, but maybe we’ll try to more often.. LOL.. Nice idea anyway.

We have been packing things up slowly, its hard because we’ve even had to unpack a few things that we hadn’t thought we’d need. Luckily it was still fresh in our minds so we knew exactly what box it was in. I’m going to work harder at getting things ready to go. I kinda wish Easter would have been sometime in the last three weeks when there wasn’t as much going on.. lol. Luckily we aren’t hosting, but with so much going on between the house and helping at church.. I’m already tired and its not even here yet.. lol.

Kylan’s Birthday & misc other


This weekend we had Kylan’s  birthday party.  My “Baby” is now 6 years old…. *sniffle…  It was thrown together pretty quickly because we have been so busy!





My sister had came with Aly – got a few cute ones with her as well.




this is my father-in-law holding Aly.   My husband’s family has always really liked my sister, so they naturally claim her and her family too.. “Poppa” says he  has 7 grandchildren, and this is his and Aly’s first meeting.. lol 🙂


We took the kids to look at the progress on the house. The insulation appears to be done, and they will be working on drywall this week…



Here’s a pic of Deon & Shelsea, adding it because I like it.. lol


while this was this weekend as well, and it looks sunny and nice, it was so cold! I know its really was cold – not just screwed up sensations on my part because others complain too, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get warm, and it affects my movement. I’m not sure how much I can blame on MS or that its just plain cold! I had heard I’d have problems with heat, but I wonder if others have MS problems with cold?

Lost Lessons, Prejudice and its evils..

Lesson # 1 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

People are amazing.. their sense of logic sometimes astounds me.  As evolved and civilized as we think we are, we still allow some pretty stupid things to cloud our judgment, and opinions.  Why is our society so quick to embrace negativity? To promote actions, behaviors and thoughts that are destructive? I just don’t get it.

Be mindful that sometimes all someone has is hope.. don’t always be so quick to burst their bubble..

Without sounding all flower-powery… “Why put all that unnecessary negativity out there?” When will people realize that even negative statements and thoughts can really hurt, not only others.. but also themselves.

I was recently sitting at a table with a group of people who where talking about our new president, how he’s going to fail, and how things aren’t going to get any better, and the stimulus package isn’t working because the “markets are still falling”

My first reaction  (since being newly  interested in what exactly is going on in our government), was really pure annoyance.  Mostly because I know a good portion of the views being expressed there were tied more to a political party preference, than to any actual educated and investigative research on their parts.

My second reaction, was thinking to myself… hmm…. do these people realize he’s only been in office for a month and 5 days?!?  Has the money all been put to work?  Is it all said and done?  Seriously, how can they have an opinion that its failing already?

Lesson # 2 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “Don’t spread rumors, or cause drama”

Then to add insult to injury, later today I actually read a comment on facebook that someone was talking about the most recent weekly report  They were saying that for the first 30 days the president only talked about what a crisis we are in, and that this past weeks address was more along the lines of the clouds were parting and the angels were about to sing… (can we say overly dramatic…)  I later logged into the to watch the most recent address from Feb 21, 2009 , since I hadn’t yet seen it.  Yes, it started out with a hopeful tone, but in no way was saying that everything was now going to be perfect like the comment I read earlier insinuated.  Infact, as I listened –  what I heard him say was “No single piece of this broad economic recovery can by itself meet the demands that have been placed on us”. Then actually later on went on to say..  “None of this will be easy”

Goes to show you, people allow all kinds of prejudices to affect their own understanding of what is said to them. Is that the fault of the person saying the words.. no.. its our own form of self-sabotage. We have  prejudices against other political parties, against races, and whatever other personal prejudice we’ve allowed to take shape in our own hearts..  Maybe the speaker has a gap in their teeth.. so we don’t actually listen to whats being said.  We skim along and make up what we think they are saying, or better yet..   come up with a version of what was said that will entice more drama when it is retold…. ohh the drama….

People really do just hear what they want to…  Its kinda sad when you think about it.. no wonder there is so many problems with communication! People rarely ever really REALLY listen!

Last qualm on this particular point… why is it that people feel the right to complain about practically everything, but can hardly ever offer a different thought out solution along with their complaint? And for some reason,  its ok to put down the person who is actively trying to do the work, when we haven’t done a thing nor have any real expertise on the subject…….

Bah…..  People need to get off their high horses… Really!

Lesson # 3 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “Don’t believe everything you hear”

So many times I’ve listened to people issue statements where they base their knowledge on  subjects upon something they once “heard”.  Me personally, I’m really afraid to say things that aren’t entirely true.. so if something comes up I’m hesitant to speak up unless I know something to be a fact, and have researched it myself..

I’m sure there are more Lost Lessons out there.. in fact if you can think of them, feel free to leave a comment with one or two… These were just the most recent ones I’ve thought about..

but sheesh… I think I once heard the sky was purple… maybe it actually is… hmmm…  /sarcasm off

Deep Breath.. ok  Smile!

House Update 2/24/09

Here is a picture of the house progress yesterday


First off – House update! We are getting very excited! It is sounding like it could possibly be finished sometime in the next 6 weeks..  (Notice how good I’m getting at those non-commital terms.. hehe)

Yesterday we finished the front porch…


I took the kids over there yesterday evening and took their picture standing on the new front porch. I’ll have to add that picture a little later… I think they are starting to imagine it being real now, because Haiden went home and packed a few things in a box.

I’m thinking that I’ll try and have a “Mellow Packing Plan” each week.. nothing stressful, but small things we can do to get ready, and make things easier later. This week I think we’ll wash and  box up all the blankets and sheets that we aren’t currently using, as I think that would be a safe place to start. Next week it may be books….

Siding :)

Here is a picture of the house, they got the siding on! Now they are trying to dry out everything on the inside before they put the drywall up. Very exciting. 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of time sweeping up all the dirt and sawdust etc inside so that it can dry.

Jan 10, 2009
Jan 10, 2009

We met with our new neighbors, and picked out paint. The main color will be a gray color called “Fading Fog” and the Trim will be a darker blueish gray called “Flirty Fran”. I’ll try and figure out how I can post the colors up here later.