Both “minds”… and I still cannot fathom

My logical mind expresses it this way:

IF your “morals” place unequivocal priority on an unexpressed life, then what value is your opinion really when that same value you have assigned that unexpressed life shrivels up the second it becomes an expressed life?

At that point they get touted as “someone else’s” responsibility, so why should you have to participate in anything regarding their actual continued support.

Your “opinion” on how the the lives of others should be shaped is worthless if once they are actually here, you no longer value or invest in their quality of life. Who are you to enforce your will over another’s personal choice… If you have no interest in supporting the reprecussions of the choice you are wanting enforced.

Herein lies my inability to give your opinion merit, if in reality you don’t care about helping that life’s potential be realized, your brain stops short of thinking through what all is actually needed for a new life to flourish.

My emotional mind expresses it this way:
I’m honestly so disappointed in our country, and this desire to backpedal. Abortion is NOT a simple topic, and treating it like it is a one-size-fits-all scenario, is absolutely pathetic, and a blatant indication of how little people actually know.

This isn’t even a thing I’ve had to personally deal with, but through the years what little I’ve been made aware of has been real-life situations where actual friends had to make the gut-wrenching choice to go through with it because of actual real-life pregnancy complication. To think of future women being stripped of the choice to have the care they need if those situations arise, or to think about the situation being held against them if someone unrelated somewhere decides to take an issue with the decision made……is thoroughly depressing.

Wither you like it or not, this opens a can of worms that people obviously aren’t really thinking through if they are celebrating this decision.

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