And here we are again…

Roe vs Wade…. really… this is something you think is important to overturn right now…. This is what you want to focus on?

The amount that this country wishes to backpedal is astounding sometimes. Its alarming how people who are supposed to be learned individuals, are so obviously not. History is not something they consult, data is being ignored and they are blatantly choosing not to learn from things our country had already experienced.. had already realized. We’ve been down these roads in the past.

I’ve lucked out, and never had to make that kind of choice, but I’m not dumb enough to believe that this kind of choice should be anyone’s but the individual involved. Your opinion on how others “should” live, should never outweigh the people who are actually living it….. especially when the reality in these scenarios is that you get the privilege to continue to stand on your pulpit, without ever having to actually deal with any of the consequences, nor lift a finger to help someone who is forced into the consequences of “your decision” for their life, all based on your personal faith, or lack of faith in people to be given the freedom of their own decisions, when it comes to such a personal matter.

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