In the end

In the end, we should all be seeking truth, not the type that supports our personal agendas, by promoting our beliefs or religions, or any feelings of superiority but rather actual truth that isn’t clouded by any personal egos or desires.

In the end, we should be actually mindful of the things we say, and the attitudes we exhibit. The energy we put out there does ripple out and can have unintended side effects.

In the end, our neighbor’s health, stability, and welfare should matter to us in order for us to be at all able to consider ourselves decent human beings. Saying things to quiet the expression, or distract from someone else’s assertion of pain, is never the noble stance to take. Resolution never comes to issues that are ignored, and there are many problems that our cowardice in avoiding will not absolve. Things need to be dealt with accordingly.

In the end, when you choose to take offense, and you don’t try to learn as to why someone else could believe what they do.. its you really not trying hard enough to expand your own understanding.

In the end, it will be really sad if we do not learn these things sometime before our end.


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