Evils of Pride overload

Listening to a friend tonight talk about how they kind of lucked out as they aren’t going to be needing to get too many clothes for their growing son come August, as a friend of theirs went through their bigger growing son’s clothes and gave them those.

I realized what a healthier attitude my friend has about himself and his kids, vs what I grew up being told.

In quietly listening to my friend, I reminisced and kind of realized just how very wrong it is to be so prideful. Understanding gratitude yourself is so important to children in understanding and forming any sense of empathy and recognizing value in others around them.

When you don’t give your children the opportunities or permission at a young age to feel gratitude towards those outside of your immediate family…. and worse.. when those interactions do happen and you attach shame to the thought that those interactions even needed to happen……. it is damaging. It is damaging long term. It affects how well they are able to interact with others, and how well they can be ok with themselves if they do need help. It affects their ability to forgive themselves for not being perfect.

If you lead your kids to believe that if anyone helps them, that its shameful, you won’t have kids who will be able to trust you when they actually need you or could use your guidance. Nor will it make it easy for them to come to terms to reach out to anyone else for help when they really should.

When you teach them that your stupid pride — and being seen as never needing anyone else, is far more important than any actual needs you or they may have, you are setting them up to feel guilt when it becomes necessary for them to have to focus on taking care of those real needs… which will happen eventually. You can’t ignore things forever. This attitude builds a barrier between them and any ability to become well-adjusted individuals.

Those are pretty damaging lessons to pass on to the next generation.

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