The precious pearl (a poem by Serina)

Pearls to me are always associated with wisdom and truth. In thinking of how some don’t understand love without the presence of attachment, a visual of a pearl being present in someone’s heart came to mind, and it inspired this poem of mine.

The Precious Pearl

There is a precious pearl..
that resides deep within my heart
It started as a grain of sand
and all it does is grow

But now it is sleek and smooth
with no defects or strings attached
It is there for you…. whenever you want
Though I don’t believe it will ever find that path

It is yours in entirety..
though I don’t believe you understand
I don’t see it leaving me
nor ever reaching your hand

I cannot bear to drop it
or leave it on the ground
I had tried to do so in the past,
but the hole it left was too profound

So I keep it safe and warm
and hide it deep inside
There is truth and beauty in its form
and an internal strength that it serves to remind

Some things don’t need to be understood by others
to validate their existence
there is resolve, in that it remains intact
despite no expected reciprocation

That seems to only increase its value
and make it known to me
that its truth is plain stronger
than that of what is normally

So this pearl I will harbor
and smile quietly
Even though I know
that full understanding will never be

You plain may never be ready..
nor able to correctly understand
No rocking of your boat is needed
at least not at all by me….

Smooth sailing is my wish for you
No matter how far away from me that path may lead…

~ Serina Clason 1/5/2020

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