The trinket…. (a poem)

A cherished trinket, encased in glass
Put a top a cabinet for safe keeping
Unable to be touched
Visible but not allowed to be fully understood

There is danger in holding it
Danger in allowing it to be examined too long.
Manageable as an inspiration reminder only
Bittersweet safety is found in it’s distance

Needing to be left in its place
With any imagined expectations
relating to a future
…. stunted.

It is a beacon of smiles… joy and hope
yet be cautious of the comfort found in it
Despite its presence
It is actually completely free of you

Do not think of it too often
Be cautious of the path the mind winds through regarding it
Because to actually hold it would likely mean to lose it
For it to slip between your fingers… to be broken and lost forever

Precious beyond measure
Holding within it symbolism of the heart
Memories, yearning, and care
Forever held in the heart but never to be held in the hand

Enjoy instead the moments experienced here and there…
But understand that nothing is promised for it to continue..
It can be gone at anytime, as nothing is really yours
And at some point… you will be required go on without it.

~ by Serina 2/27/19