Sometimes life isn’t going to be beautiful…

It occurs to me that much of our problem in our own emotional unruliness comes from our own expectations about how things “should be”, how they “should feel” and how things “should go”.

The problem is…. that the very basic flow of our lives really has no mandatory law requirement that would cause it to follow suit and behave in a certain way in order to maintain our expectations.  In reality there are many different ways that things can be done. Us choosing our happiness or acceptance to be tied to a certain belief as being a requirement of how the world around you “should react”, that is insanity.

Life does not always feel beautiful, it doesn’t always seem “good”, but it is absolutely what you make of it, and it is work. I think its important to remember that it is really ok for things to not be perfect, and more than anything I think its important for us to be willing to learn and adapt and actively deal with life not going perfect.

Its ok to not be happy, or to not really feel ok about how things currently are. What matters is that you allow yourself the tools to be able to pull yourself out of that state of being.



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