Tired of waiting…

I’m just kind of tired of waiting.
Waiting for people to catch up, waiting for people to actively do something, waiting for people to make the changes that we deep down know need to occur if we are ever going to be able to take ourselves seriously as more than just a petty group of animals.

I’m tired of waiting for people to realize that physical aspects or national origins of a person doesn’t really say anything at all meaningful about a person’s intelligence or worth.

Seriously, why are we so slow as a species that we have to pick out groups one at a time and then spend tons of effort and years attempting to make it understood that that group should be treated equal, or that their lives should be thought of as meaningful… then move onto the next group and repeat.  Why are we so dim that we can’t take the initial lesson and apply it across the board. Why can’t we apply the lessons we were taught as children… that everyone is unique and individual… and get a grasp on that concept far enough that we actually understand that generalizing groups of people — keeps us incorrect.  Its simple… yet we can’t seem to manage it.

Waiting for people to find it in themselves to care beyond themselves… not to be obsessed with others, but to at the very least be conscious of difficulties and willing to allow or help others grow stronger so that they don’t have to be forever reliant to cover basic needs.

We judge others on their self sufficiency, but then at the same time aren’t willing to make our environment one where someone can build up their own stability without luck or the grace of others. We for some reason think that making people jump through so many hoops, wasting so much effort and energy just to gain simple aspects to survive (things that in this day and age that should just be easily attained) is somehow helpful.

Desiring to make people struggle over basics needs seems oppressive to me. It seems like a tactic more helpful in keeping class separation in place. Padding the egos of those who have already made it, or who have lucked out

Somehow we would rather see people spend all their time barely surviving, when they could INSTEAD be spending that time and effort being innovative, learning more, and making things better across the board. How many Einsteins or Mozart’s have we suppressed?

I’m tired of waiting for people to live up to all the positive quotes and phrases they post. I’m tired of waiting for people to want to understand. I’m tired of waiting for people to choose to just be real.

Mostly I’m just incredibly discouraged by people…. and tired.

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