Beware of scapegoats….

Beware of the use of scapegoats… they are simply distractions that keep us from the truth, and the truth is what is actually needed in order to find a resolution.

Good advice for any scenario, but it occurred to me today as I thought about health matters. I think that sometimes because my MS symptoms can include so much, and can vary from day-to-day that maybe I don’t always give things the attention they require in order to have other issues come to light quickly and be taken care of. I need to work on questioning things a bit quicker.

I had been exhausted for quite awhile now. I had been getting dizzy pretty often.. I kind of blamed it on the heat and on my MS.  I ended up going to the doctor, and had a blood test done and found that I have anemia.  They told me that Iron levels for normal people are 12+. When people get to 8, that is when they start doing blood transfusions.

I’m at 9.

I’m now taking supplements, and trying to get extra rest and take it easy during the times I can.  I’d never been this dizzy or disoriented. I will feel fine, then will suddenly feel like fainting.  Its caused some frustrations as being the summer, there are some family “events” that I have chosen not to partake in, mostly because I don’t feel good enough to travel that far and go to… (not even mentioning the unrest and stresses involved in being in those particular events in the first place.) I just want to feel better, and I can’t if I continue to spread myself so thin, or if I push myself and ignore my system’s needs and health.  I need to listen to myself a bit better, and not just assume everything is because of something else I already know is going on.

I think we all could use that advice. Remembering that things that could be related… aren’t necessarily. Don’t take the easy way out. Just because something is easily attributed to one thing, doesn’t mean its the actual root cause this time.. be more critical in seeking the truth in all situations.

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