This frustrating world….

I think the most frustrating thing about this lifetime is to feel like you are stuck in an environment where the masses are so stuck in abetting made-up priorities rather than the ones that really matter in order to create a greater good.

A world of slaves ruled by financial standings more than ethical or moral positions. To have so many believe that its beyond them to act, help, or even set up alternate ways to process things unless there is a dollar value allotted to go with it. That effort only matters if matched with funding. Short-term reciprocation expected for every action they take.

If you have to be paid in order to have moral character, than it isn’t moral character you can claim at all.

Its frustrating to feel alone in that people are only willing to be moral or exhibit ethics IF and when – it makes them look good, or it benefits them financially.

To live in a world where an individual’s value seems to be based upon the financial resources of the people that care about them.

This is the world I feel like I’m stuck in. It just makes me sad.

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