Happiness is a choice…

It always comes out true… Happiness is definitely a choice. It ends up being the result of your own efforts and choices, and not those of others.  No one can make you happy nor make you “feel” anything for that matter. Its actually the attitudes you take, the beliefs you nurture and the perspectives you allow to stay that decide it all, and you are the only one that has control of those things.

For some it is easy to mistake it as someone else’s doing, because your perspectives  — when left raw and under-scrutinized — are very easily be influenced by the emotion and energy of those around you. The lens you use to look at the world around you determines your reality.

All actions you take as well as the actions you don’t take — all still very much are your own choices. Its becomes simple when you realize that if happiness is your goal with your current situation, then you will have to let go of something. It will either be to “Let go” by decide to build yourself better filters and being less obsessive about the actions of others…. OR…..   you will decide you cannot go any further with the way things are and you decide to let go



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